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Scribner Australia

The Scribner imprint has long been emblematic of literary quality. Founded in 1846, Scribner became identified with the giants of twentieth-century American letters - like Henry James, Edith Wharton, F Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway and Thomas Wolfe - and was home to the legendary editor Maxwell Perkins. It remains one of the best-known names in publishing.


Publishing Director Ben Ball first worked at Scribner in the UK. Since returning to Australia as Publishing Director of Penguin, he has published Peter Carey, Kaz Cooke, Ceridwen Dovey, Anna Funder, Gideon Haigh, Sonya Hartnett, Chloe Hooper, Paul Kelly, Malcolm Knox, Nam Le, Tim Low, Judith Lucy, Fiona McFarlane, George Megalogenis, John Safran, Leigh Sales, Steve Toltz, Don Watson, Tara June Winch and Tim Winton. He was reunited with Scribner in 2018.

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