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The Gut Repair Plan

Four weeks to better health

Easy steps to transform your gut health!

Better gut health, better you! Revitalising your gut health can help with bloating, weight-loss, sleep, sugar-cravings, energy, immunity, mental health and a range of treatable diseases.

Clinical nutritionist and best-selling author Sarah Di Lorenzo’s four-week plan has helped thousands of her patients repair their inner health and now she’s sharing it with you.

The Gut Repair Plan is packed full of essential information about how the digestive system works, the good and bad bacteria in our gut, which foods are prebiotic and probiotic superstars, and which are the worst offenders. Sarah examines the science behind gut health and gives you tools to transform your gut health and change the way you eat forever.

With practical advice, easy-to-follow meal plans and more than 50 delicious new recipes that are all nutrient dense, easy to prepare, low carbohydrate and cleansing. It’s the perfect way to cleanse, repair, rebuild and seal your gut!

Has Anyone Seen Charlotte Salter?

The unputdownable new thriller from the bestselling author

She’s loved by all who meet her. But someone wants her gone . . .


When beautiful and vivacious Charlotte Salter fails to turn up to her husband Alec’s 50th birthday party, her kids are worried, but Alec is not. As the days pass and there’s still no word from Charlie, her daughter, Etty, and her sons, Niall, Paul and Ollie, all struggle to come to terms with her disappearance.
How can anyone just vanish without a trace?
Left with no answers and in limbo, the Salter children try and go on with their lives, all the while thinking that their mother’s killer is potentially very close to home.


After years away, Etty returns home to the small East Anglian village where she grew up to help move her father into a care home. Now in his eighties, Alec has dementia and often mistakes his daughter for her mother.
Etty is a changed woman from the trouble-free girl she was when Charlie was still around - all the Salter children have spent decades running and hiding from their mother’s disappearance.
But when their childhood friends, Greg and Morgen Ackerley, decide to do a podcast about Charlotte’s disappearance, it seems like the town’s buried secrets – and the Salters’ – might finally come to light.

After all this time, will they finally find out what really happened to Charlotte Salter?


'Fantastic - a breathless drumbeat of dread and suspense . . . no one does it better than Nicci French' Lee Child
'Expertly paced, psychologically sharp, thoroughly enjoyable' Louise Candlish
'Heart-thumping, head-scratching, nail-biting stuff' Erin Kelly
'Perfection' Sophie Hannah
'No-one does the dark distortion of good intentions like Nicci French' Cara Hunter
'An absolute masterclass of crime writing' Kate Rhodes

Paperback Therapy

Therapist-approved tools and advice for mastering your mental health

This book is not a substitute for therapy … but it will give you the skills you need to help you meet your mental health goals.

Most of us could probably be doing more to take care of our mental health, whether by learning to manage stress and sadness or just by reconnecting with ourselves. But finding the time and money for professional therapy isn’t always possible – and this interactive guide provides an invaluable first step. While not a substitute for therapy, this book will give you the tools you need to make positive changes in your life and improve your mental wellbeing.

In Paperback Therapy, certified practising counsellor Tammi Miller takes you on a journey of self-discovery and healing. You’ll learn over 25 therapist-approved tools for everything from how to boost your self-esteem and live by your values to techniques for overcoming unhealthy habits and managing anxiety. With prompts and exercises proven to benefit your mental health and wellbeing, Paperback Therapy will help you discover a happier, healthier you.

Maya's Dance

A powerful novel of survival, resilience and enduring love, based on an incredible true Holocaust story.

Our dance. Do you remember how I spun and twirled? How I became more than a Jewish girl with battered shoes and dirty clothes ... We did not know then what it would mean, how that dance would change our lives.

Poland, 1942: seventeen-year-old Maya Schulze is struggling to survive in a brutal Nazi labour camp. But despite days filled with hunger, fear and despair, she is able to find courage and beauty in dancing – it is only then that she feels free.

One day a camp guard watches Maya perform, and both their destinies are changed for ever. Jan falls in love with Maya and promises to protect her; Maya lives for their stolen moments together, when her heart can dance again. Jan ultimately plots Maya’s escape and promises to find her when the war is over, but fate cruelly intervenes.

Fifty years on, having received news that changes everything for her, Maya tells her story to journalist Kate Young. As their friendship grows, they piece together the clues to find Jan before it’s too late.

‘If there is one thing you learn from Maya's Dance, it is that art sets us free. An unforgettable and moving love story in the midst of one of the darkest and most terrible times of humanity. A book that from the first page you can't stop reading.’ Armando Lucas Correa, bestselling author of The German Girl

Maya's Dance combines the perfect blend of tragic heartache and enduring hope.’ Anita Abriel, bestselling author of The Light After the War

‘This novel, based on the true story of a Holocaust survivor, resonates with the horrors of these terrible times.’ Maya Lee, bestselling author of The Nazis Knew My Name

My Mother and I

A vivid and revealing portrait of the real relationship between King Charles III and his mother, by the esteemed royal biographer Ingrid Seward.

The relationship between the late monarch and her son, the King, has long been a subject of fascination. The upbringing of an heir is especially important, since the demands placed on the monarch are unique – and no one understood this better than the late Queen. Princess Elizabeth made it a point of maternal honour to try to build her routine around her young son while doing her duty – something that became an even more delicate and difficult balance when she ascended to the throne.

This is the story of how Charles was shaped and moulded by his heritage. Acclaimed royal biographer Ingrid Seward sheds new light on their relationship and its impact on their family and on the nation. My Mother and I reveals the challenges faced by Prince Charles as he remained in his mother’s shadow for most of his life and offers insight into how their relationship operated behind closed doors.

Charting Charles’ colourful life through many personal anecdotes from his family and his friends – from the moment the guns saluted his birth to the day he was officially declared King at his coronation – My Mother and I is not only a vivid portrait of a complex relationship; it is also a celebration of the power of family.

‘A revelatory and perceptive account of the loving but often misunderstood bond between Queen Elizabeth II and her heir, the Prince of Wales, now King Charles III’ – Andrew Morton, author of Diana: Her True Story

36 Ways of Writing a Vietnamese Poem

Fifteen years after his best-selling, award-winning collection of stories The Boat, Nam Le returns to his great themes of identity and representation in a virtuosic debut book of poetry

36 Ways of Writing a Vietnamese Poem, says Le, a Vietnamese refugee to Australia, is ‘the book I needed to write. The book I've been writing my whole life’. This book-length poem is an urgent, unsettling reckoning with identity and the violence of identity, embedded with racism, oppression and historical trauma. But it also addresses the violence in those assumptions – of being always assumed to be outside one’s home, country, culture or language. And the complex violence, for the diasporic writer who wants to address any of this, of language itself.

Making use of multiple tones, moods, masks and camouflages, Le’s poetic debut moves with unpredictable and destabilising energy between the personal and political, honouring every convention of diasporic literature – in a virtuosic array of forms and registers – before shattering the form itself. Like The Boat, 36 Ways of Writing a Vietnamese Poem conjures its own terms of engagement, escapes our traps, slips our certainties. As self-indicting as it is scathing, hilarious as it is desperately moving, this is a singular, breakthrough book.

'Nam Le takes the English language to pieces and reassembles it with a virtuoso ease not seen since Finnegans Wake' J.M. Coetzee

'A masterly performance' David Malouf

'These poems seethe and sing' Cathy Park Hong

The Silence in Her Eyes

Bestselling author Armando Lucas Correa strikes out in a bold new direction with a psychological thriller about a young woman afflicted with ‘motion blindness’, who becomes convinced that her next-door neighbour is going to be murdered. Perfect for readers of Before I Go to Sleep and The Silent Patient.

For as long as she can remember, twenty-eight-year-old Leah has suffered from akinetopsia – her eyes can’t process movement, only still images. As she walks around her neighbourhood in Upper Manhattan, her white stick tapping the pavement, most people assume she’s blind. But Leah sees a good deal, and she remembers every image her eyes capture.

Accustomed to a solitary life in her rambling apartment complex, Leah’s routine is thrown out of whack when someone new moves in next door. Alice is beautiful and kind, but Leah can smell waves of anxiety coming off her. As they become friends, confiding in each other, Alice opens up about her abusive, alcoholic ex-husband, who refuses to let her go.

Things take a turn for the worse when Leah hears Alice through the wall, begging for someone to help. With no one to call and moments to act, Leah is forced to make a decision that will test her courage, her strength and ultimately her sanity. But Leah is determined to help her new friend, even though the situation is dangerous at best – and deadly at worst.

'Stunning ... Paula Hawkins fans will devour this' Publishers Weekly

Someone Else's Bucket List

In this sisterly PS, I Love You, an introverted young woman is saddled with fulfilling her late sister’s final wish: completing her bucket list while millions of people follow along online.

Jodie Boyd is a shy and anxious twenty-something, completely unsure of what to do with her life. Meanwhile, her older sister, Bree, is an adventurous, globe-trotting Instagram influencer with more than a million followers. Bree is the most alive person Jodie knows – until her unfathomable, untimely death from leukaemia. The Boyds are devastated, not to mention overwhelmed with medical debt. But Bree had a plan, and soon Jodie is shocked when a new post appears on her sister's Instagram feed.

The first of many posts Bree recorded in secret, it contains a jaw-dropping challenge for Jodie: complete Bree's bucket list. From ‘fly over Antarctica’ to ‘fall in love’, if Jodie pulls it off – and keeps all of Bree’s followers – a corporate sponsor will pay off the crushing medical debt. It’s crazy. It’s terrifying. It’s impossible to refuse. So, despite her trepidation, Jodie plunges in, never imagining that in death, her sister will teach her how to live.

My Brilliant Sister

While Stella Miles Franklin took on the world, her beloved sister Linda led a short, domestic life as a wife, mother and sister. In a remarkable, genre-bending debut novel Amy Brown thrillingly reimagines those two lives – and her own – to explore and explode the contradictions embedded in brilliant careers and a woman’s place in the world. Sliding Doors meets Wifedom.

Stella Miles Franklin’s autobiographical novel My Brilliant Career launched one of the most famous names in Australian letters. Funny, bold, often biting about its characters, the novel and its young author had a lot in common. Miles went on to live a large, fiercely independent and bohemian life of travel, art and freedom.

Not so her beloved sister Linda. Quiet, contained, conventional, Linda was an inversion of Stella. A family peacemaker who married the man Stella would not, bore a son and died of pneumonia at 25.

In this reflective, witty and revealing novel, Amy Brown rescues Linda, setting her in counterpoint with Stella, and with the lives of two contemporary women: Ida, a writer whose writing life is on hold as she teaches and raises her young daughter; and Stella, a singer-songwriter who has sacrificed everything for a career, now forcibly put on hold. Binding the two is the novella that Linda might have written to her sister Stella – a brilliant alternative vision of My Brilliant Career.

Innovative and involving, My Brilliant Sister is an utterly convincing (and hilarious) portrait of Miles Franklin and a moving, nuanced exploration of the balance women still have to strike between careers and family lives. It gives a fresh take on one of Australia’s most celebrated writers and an insight into life now.

The Intuition Toolkit

The New Science of Knowing What without Knowing Why

Five easy rules for developing intuition, based on trailblazing research by a top Australian neuroscientist. Learn when it’s safe to rely on intuition in decision-making and when it’s not.

Intuition has saved lives and averted disasters, and it also lies behind countless innovative decisions. Steve Jobs, for one, regularly relied on his intuition in making business decisions at Apple.

Some people use intuition more readily than others but anyone can learn to develop and trust it. The key is ensuring that certain conditions are met so as to avoid the pitfalls. Neuroscientist Joel Pearson has identified five essential rules for using intuition, easily remembered by the acronym SMILE:

S: Self-awareness (Feeling emotional? Don't trust your intuition)
M: Mastery (Learn before you leap: why mastery matters for intuition)
I: Impulses and Addiction (These are not intuition)
L: Low Probability (Don’t use intuition for probabilistic judgments)
E: Environment (Use intuition only in familiar and predictable contexts)

In explaining these rules, Joel takes anecdotes from real life, including mountain climber Jon Muir’s lifesaving decision; a gameshow that uses humans’ innate misunderstanding of probability to rig its prizes; why you should never go rock-climbing on a first date; and what happens when Usain Bolt races in low gravity. The Intuition Toolkit is scientifically solid, highly readable and utterly fascinating.

The Search Party

Five old friends reunite for an idyllic glamping holiday on the rugged Cornwall coast, but tensions rise when a storm leaves them stranded and someone goes missing.

Max and Annie Kingsley have left the London rat race with their twelve-year-old son to set up a glamping site in the wilds of Cornwall. Eager for a dry run ahead of their opening, they invite three old university friends and their families for a long-needed reunion and a relaxing weekend.

But the festivities soon go awry as tensions arise between the children (and subsequently their parents), explosive secrets come to light, and a sudden storm moves in, cutting them off from help as one in the group disappears.

Moving between a police investigation, a hospital room and the catastrophic weekend, The Search Party is a propulsive destination thriller about the tenuous bonds of friendship and the lengths parents will go to protect their children.

Praise for The Search Party

‘If you read just one thriller this year, make it The Search Party. I couldn’t put it down.’ Mark Brandi

‘Richell has written a standout page-turner, thoroughly gripping from start to finish.’ Anna Downes

It's Probably You

This summer, one woman is going after what she wants and nothing will stand in her way – not even the handsome man next door... An uplifting, heartfelt romantic comedy for fans of Nora Ephron, Emily Henry and Beth O’Leary.

Gillian has been happily single for several years and, after trying a few dating apps, prefers to stay that way. Navigating her way through dates with fat-shamers and lacklustre men has left her with no desire to do anything other than spend time in her garden. Who needs rude comments and awkward first dates when soft roses and vibrant tulips are so much better?

Then Noah moves in next door. Moody, grumpy and way too opinionated, her new neighbour threatens to turn her peaceful sanctuary into a war zone. But with a gardening contest fast approaching, Gillian needs to keep her eye on the prize – and cultivate her happy place on her own terms.

The Porcelain Maker

'An absorbing study of love and art' Sunday Times

Pre-order THE SEEKER OF LOST PAINTINGS, ​a sophisticated and thrilling historical page-turner about love and art, coming October 2024.

‘A page-turning journey to uncover a past of heroism, betrayal, love, and loss’ Heather Morris, bestselling author of Three Sisters

'So compelling' Sunday Times

Two lovers caught at the crossroads of history
A daughter’s search for the truth

Germany, 1929.
When Max, a Jewish architect, and Bettina, a beautiful and celebrated German avant-garde artist, meet at a party their attraction is instant. In love with each other and the art they create, their talent transports them to the dazzling lights of Berlin. But Germany is on the brink of terrible change, and their bright beginning is soon dimmed by the rising threat of Nazism.

When Max is arrested and sent to the Dachau concentration camp, it is only his talent at making the exquisite porcelain figures so beloved by the Nazis that stands between him and certain death. At first, Bettina has no idea where Max has been taken but when she learns of his fate, she is determined to rescue him whatever the cost.

Now, a lifetime later, Bettina’s daughter, Clara, sets out on a journey to uncover the truth about her identity. As she weaves together the fabric of her past, she discovers the terrible secret her mother wanted hidden forever.

For fans of Heather Morris and Kristin Hannah, The Porcelain Maker is a sweeping, epic story of love, betrayal and art, set across Europe from the 1920s Weimar Republic, to dark and glittering 1930s Berlin.

Sisters of Sword and Shadow

What if the Knights of the Round Table had a female counterpart? An epic Arthurian fantasy reimagining from the UK’s leading and bestselling feminist writer, Laura Bates, for fans of Leigh Bardugo and Sarah J. Maas.

'An interesting thing happens when a man is defeated in combat by a woman . . . He tells nobody.'

Destined for an arranged marriage, Cass dreams of freedom. So when a fierce and beautiful leather‑clad woman rides up and offers to take her away, Cass doesn’t hesitate to join her. She is introduced to the Sisters of Sword and Shadow - a group of female knights training to fight, protect their community and right the wrongs of men. Drawn into a world of ancient feuds, glorious battles, and deadly intrigue, Cass soon discovers she holds a power that could change not only her own fate but that of her entire sisterhood.

Introducing Laura Bates' fantasy debut, the first in a breathtaking and sweeping duology, exploring questions about power, courage and the stories we tell about the past.