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Do you accept unsolicited manuscripts?

We are currently not accepting unsolicited material including manuscripts submitted via email or post. Simon & Schuster does not review, retain  or return unsolicited materials or artwork.

We suggest contacting the Australian Society of Authors or your local Writers Centre for information on acquiring an agent and publishing your manuscript.

Should you wish to pursue self-publishing your work, we invite you to explore the services offered by Archway Publishing, from Simon & Schuster.

Visit for more information.


How do I contact an author?

The privacy of authors is very important to Simon & Schuster Australia. In order to protect that privacy, we are not at liberty to release any contact details, including email addresses.

However, you can try contacting authors through their personal websites. If you would like to send the author a letter, we can forward these on so please write to:

(Author's Name)
C/- Publicity Department
Simon & Schuster Australia Pty Ltd
PO Box 448
NSW 2062

Please note we do not take any responsibility for lost mail or lack of reply.


My book has a typographical error in it.

If you find a typographical error in a book published by Simon & Schuster, please email us on


My book is misbound or defective.

If you purchased damaged or defective product, please return the product to place of purchase.

If the place of purchase is unable to help you please contact us at