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Scribner Australia and author Tegan Bennett Daylight release 'Books That Talk' podcast

Author Tegan Bennett Daylight has collaborated with Scribner Australia to produce a new podcast series ‘Books That Talk’.


The seven part series features Daylight in conversation with Australian and international authors including: Charlotte Wood, Ian McGuire, Tony Birch, Kate Mildenhall, Virginia Trioli, Jo Lennan and Kristina Olsson. 


‘As an avowed technophobe I was a little nervous about recording my own podcast. As a lover of books and the people who write them, I was pretty thrilled,’ said Daylight.


‘Every conversation I had could have lasted an hour, or two hours. Each writer was a committed and brilliant advocate of the book or books they chose to talk about – and if I hadn’t already been a convert to their choices, by the end of each conversation I would have been! They made me feel warm, connected and as though there is hope for the arts in Australia.’


Tegan Bennett Daylight is a writer, teacher and critic. Her most recent book The Details was published earlier this year. In The Details Daylight describes how her reading has nourished her life, and how life has informed her reading. Each chapter is a revelation, and a celebration of how books offer not an escape from ‘real life’ but a richer engagement with the business of living.


The Saturday Paper said: ‘The Details is a joyful and vital adventure alongside a sophisticated reader, and a timely reminder of the critical role of art in turbulent times.’


‘Books That Talk’ is now available for download on Soundcloud.



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