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Purchasing Books for Consumers

Simon & Schuster Australia does not sell directly to the public. To purchase one of our books please contact your local bookshop or shop online through any of the following online retailers:

The Simon & Schuster Australia website only contains information about Simon & Schuster Australia and client publisher books. If you cannot find a book on this site, it is possible we do not have rights to that book in Australia and New Zealand.

Simon & Schuster Australia also acts as the local sales agent and distribution partner for:

4 Ingredients:

Aconyte Books:

Berbay Publishing:

Big Sky Publishing:

Black Library:

Elliott & Thompson:

Fox Chapel International Publishing:


Hunter Publishers:

Inner Traditions:

Insight Editions:

Mad Cave Studios:

Naomi Crisante Communications:


Pegasus Books:

Printers Row:

Regan Arts:

Rockpool Publishing:

Ventura Press: 

Vintage Journal:

Viz Media:

Waterhouse Press:

Weldon Owen:

Wild Dog Books:

Please note some of these publisher’s titles may not appear on this website.


Return policy for faulty books

If you receive a faulty or misbound book please contact the place of purchase. They should be able to exchange or refund your purchase. If you have any further problems please contact us at