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Welcome to our competition page this is the place to find all of our current competitions on Simon & Schuster Australia.

Our competitions are always changing so check in when you can - you never know what you might win!


Current Competitions

Fall With Me Pre-Order Competition


Winners of previous competitions:

One True Loves Film Double Pass Giveaway (5 x Double Passes)

Opened 23/11/23, closed 30/11/23. Winners: A. Savy, J. Reid, S. Ware, S. Hetherington, B. Joseph.

November 9 Special Edition Giveaway - Instagram

Opened 9/11/23, closed 10/11/23. Winners: L. McHugh, K. Bird, K. Satala, S. Iam, C. Shale, N. Petherick, D. Spears, A. Gordon, A. Young

Foe Film Double Pass Giveaway - Instagram (5 x Double Passes)

Opened 23/10/23, closed 26/10/23. Winners: I. Bolton, R. Fernandes, S. Stirling, H. S. Johar, J. Liu

Foe Film Double Pass Giveaway - Facebook (5 x Double Passes)

Opened 23/10/23, closed 26/10/23. Winners: S. Lombard, S. Williams, K. James, L. Morey, E. Walsh 

Wildfire Russ and Aurora Version ARC Sweepstakes (1 x each book)

Opened 11/9/23, closed 19/9/23. Winner S. McKenzie

Wildfire Russ' Version ARC Sweepstakes (1 x book)

Opened 21/8/23, closed 29/8/23. Winner K. Marshall.

Wildfire Aurora's Version ARC Sweepstakes (1 x book)

Opened 4/8/23, closed 14/8/23. Winner M. Jewell

Lucinda Williams Pack Giveaway (5 x packs)

Opened 13/6/23, closed 27/6/23. Winners S. Hetherington, L. Allan, J. Ryan, M. McColl, J. Belle

Emma of 83rd Street TikTok Giveaway (5 x books)

Opened 15/6/23, closed 22/6/23. Winners M. Fredericks, A. Chapman, E. Robinson, A. Blake, N. Clegg.

Cold People Book Facebook Giveaway (5 x books)

Opened 17/3/23, closed 24/3/23. Winners J. Belle, N. Donnelly, J. Ryan, C. Kemp, R. Douglas

Cold People Book Instagram Giveaway (5 x books)

Opened 17/3/23, closed 24/3/23. Winners D. Morey, B. Fletcher, S. Gillespie, A. McDiarmid, L. Allan.

Spoiler Alert Book & Movie Double Pass Competition (15 x bundles) 

Opened 21/2/23, closed 23/2/23. Winners J. Field, B. Coleman, J. Morton, J. Walker, C. Elsley, E. Fursey, T. Mackay, K. Templeton, G. Hughes, K. Aliado, T. McCrackan, E. Blake, T. Book, M. Wilks, K. Farley

Win a copy of The Hemsworth Effect by James Weir

Opened 17/02/23, closed 24/02/23. Winners A. McDiarmid, K. James, D. Price, S. Gupta, K. Murray

Win Every Book Christmas Competition (10 x book bundles) 
Opened 24/10/14, closed 15/12/14. Winners S. Horgen, S. Hall, H. Williams, J. Auld, J. Tranter, T. Cadman, S. Madler-Edwards, J. Vaughan, A. Cochran, S. Ladd

Books for Xmas Christmas Competition (10 x book bundles) 
Opened 7/11/14, closed 15/12/14. Winners L. Barnes, A. Farmer, C. Mead, P. Lyle, L. Daebritz, S. Rosekrans, T. Redman, J. Boxsell, A. Day, M. Roff

Win Every Book Under Our Christmas Tree (36 books) 
Opened 1/12/13, closed 16/12/13. Winners H. Ashwin, R. Marrion, J. Wright, R. Gardiner, P. Glover, D. Moore, A. Larson, S. Elovalis, C. Boyd, T. Berglund.

 Win 1 of 3 entire signed collections of Jackie Collins' novels
Opened 23/09/2013, closed 02/11/2013. Winners G.Booth, C. Boehm, J, Misko

Killer Queens by Rebecca Chance - Win a pair of Jimmy Choos ($1000 gift voucher)
Opened 21/08/2013, closed 23/10/2013. Winner K. Chow

Thornwood House by Anna Romer - Win copies for your bookclub.
Opened 01/09/2013, closed 30/09/2013. Winner R. Murdoch.

Wrongful Death by Lynda La Plante - Win a copy of Wrongful Death and Prime Suspects on DVD. 
Opened 02/09/2013, closed 30/09/2013. Winners Kellie G; Christine Y; Cath W; Rebecca A; Leanne S. 

White Princess by Philippa Gregory - Win the entire Philippa Gregory Cousins' War book set. 
Opened 01/08/2013, closed 02/09/2013. Winners Karen M. and Luke T. 

Summerford's Autumn by Barbara Gaskell Denvil - Win $1000 worth of jewellery fit for a queen. 
Opened 22/5/2013, closed 17/7/2013. Winner Lisa M. NSW.