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About Sarah Di Lorenzo, clinical nutritionist and author of The 10:10 Diet


I am a fully qualified clinical nutritionist devoted to overhauling the health of my clients. I connect with clients in my clinic or during my work as a media nutritionist, public speaker or recipe and program creator. As an avid exerciser and proud mum of three daughters, I know how vital a healthy lifestyle is and that it goes hand in hand with a happy life.


I passionately believe that life is short and that our best lives must be lived in the present, every single day.


It all began in my teenage years. With a specialist doctor for a father and a nurse for a mother, good health and caring for others were mantras in my family. At an early age, I heard the quote ‘let food be thy medicine’.


When I was 15, I began to suffer from IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). It was then I understood how an ailment can impact quality of life. This was something I was not prepared to accept, so I began exploring how to fix IBS through diet. Through an elimination process, I discovered removing gluten and yeast made a huge difference, and my lifelong interest in nutritional medicine was born. I had personally experienced the difference in my quality of life, and I became so passionate about it I transitioned from my intended path and dream of becoming a global marine archaeologist to becoming a fully qualified clinical nutritionist. To this day I have never looked back. I love how life can find a way.


But it was my move into modelling that cemented my passion for health. After being raised to champion good habits, it was a shock to see how differently many others live. I was suddenly surrounded by people with unhealthy relationships with food. I became determined to unlock the secret of eating well, maintaining a healthy weight, and most importantly, feeling great about it.


As a single parent to three daughters, I understand the daily juggle of work, kids, after-school activities, relationships, trying to find time to exercise and keeping a home. But where there is a will, there is a way.


Today, I’ve injected more than 20 years of work in the wellness industry, more than 10 years of experience in a private psychiatric clinic, my knowledge in childhood nutrition and an Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine, into my private clinic in Woollahra.


I’ve been a mainstay on Channel 7’s Sunrise and resident nutritionist at Weekend Sunrise, bringing the latest health news, advice and recipes to their national audience for almost four years. My recipes are always a huge success online after my segments air – and the feedback after the audience and hosts try them is always positive. I have a knack for creating delicious, healthy and nutrient-dense smoothies and dishes that become weekly favourites for the family.


Before that I was resident nutritionist on a fantastic radio show, Talking Lifestyle, on 2UE every Friday at 1:10 pm discussing nutritional medicine. I am also a public speaker and really enjoy being on the speaker circuit. One of my favourite talks is ‘Top 10 Strategies to Living Your Best Life’.


I have a strong belief in all aspects of wellness, including rest, social connection, self-expression, intellect, spirituality, exercise, diet and nutrition. Being able to see the tangible rewards in my clients’ lives is what drives me, and my greatest pleasure is seeing people become their best selves.

What is the 10:10 diet?

Sarah Di Lorenzo explains why the 10:10 diet is perfect for gaining short and long-term health

Sarah's Iron-Rich Salad recipe from The 10:10 Diet

Try a delicious, energy-boosting recipe from The 10:10 Diet

The 10:10 Diet

The Healthy Way to Lose 10 Kilos in 10 Weeks (& keep them off forever!)

Created by clinical nutritionist Sarah Di Lorenzo, The 10:10 Diet is a 10-week meal and exercise plan aimed at helping you lose 10 kilos and keep the weight off in the healthiest way possible.

The 10:10 Diet not only outlines an easy-to-follow 10-week program to lose 10 kilos, but it goes behind the program to explain the science and logic that were used to create it.


Devised by clinical nutritionist Sarah Di Lorenzo, The 10:10 Diet outlines the factors that contribute to weight gain and how to eliminate or respond more effectively to them. The roles played by stress, lack of sleep, unhealthy food options, mental and societal roadblocks and other factors are explained in layperson's terms, and Sarah draws from both her own experience as a single mother of three and those of her clients to demonstrate methods to overcome obstacles standing in the way of weight loss.


Rejecting the notion of fad diets, Sarah has crafted a manageable, achievable program aimed at people with busy lifestyles who will feel the benefit of a new commitment to their health by the conclusion of the 10-week program, and have the knowledge and understanding to maintain their new habits in the future.