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Four Hours of Fury

The Untold Story of World War II's Largest Airborne Invasion and the Final Push into Nazi Germany

Read by Arthur Morey

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About The Book

“Compellingly chronicles one of the least studied great episodes of World War II with power and authority…A riveting read” (Donald L. Miller, New York Times bestselling author of Masters of the Air) about World War II’s largest airborne operation—one that dropped 17,000 Allied paratroopers deep into the heart of Nazi Germany.

On the morning of March 24, 1945, more than two thousand Allied aircraft droned through a cloudless sky toward Germany. Escorted by swarms of darting fighters, the armada of transport planes carried 17,000 troops to be dropped, via parachute and glider, on the far banks of the Rhine River. Four hours later, after what was the war’s largest airdrop, all major objectives had been seized. The invasion smashed Germany’s last line of defense and gutted Hitler’s war machine; the war in Europe ended less than two months later.

Four Hours of Fury follows the 17th Airborne Division as they prepare for Operation Varsity, a campaign that would rival Normandy in scale and become one of the most successful and important of the war. Even as the Third Reich began to implode, it was vital for Allied troops to have direct access into Germany to guarantee victory—the 17th Airborne secured that bridgehead over the River Rhine. And yet their story has until now been relegated to history’s footnotes.

In this viscerally exciting account, paratrooper-turned-historian James Fenelon “details every aspect of the American 17th Airborne Division’s role in Operation Varsity...inspired” (The Wall Street Journal). Reminiscent of A Bridge Too Far and Masters of the Air, Four Hours of Fury does for the 17th Airborne what Band of Brothers did for the 101st. It is a captivating, action-packed tale of heroism and triumph spotlighting one of World War II’s most under-chronicled and dangerous operations.

About The Author

Photograph by Andrew Geonetta

James M. Fenelon served for twelve years in the military and is a graduate of the US Army’s Airborne, Jumpmaster, and Pathfinder schools. His next book after Four Hours of Fury is Angels Against the Sun: A WWII Saga of Grunts, Grit, and Brotherhood, which tells the story of the 11th Airborne Division’s campaign through the Pacific and that division’s eventual landing in Japan in the vanguard of the Allied occupation forces. An alumnus of the University of Texas at Austin, Fenelon lives with his wife in Texas. For more information, visit

About The Reader

Why We Love It

“This is the first account I’d read of jumping into a hail of gunfire by a guy who’d actually made thousands of jumps himself. As someone who grew up on World War II movies, I thought I appreciated the scale of these operations, but in these pages James sets me straight. Fact is, I had no idea.” —Rick H., Editor, on Four Hours of Fury

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  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio (May 21, 2019)
  • Runtime: 14 hours and 16 minutes
  • ISBN13: 9781508285533

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