Purchasing Books for Consumers

Purchasing books for consumers

Simon & Schuster Australia does not sell directly to the public. To purchase one of our books please contact your local bookshop or shop online through any of the following online retailers:


The Simon & Schuster Australia website only contains information about Simon & Schuster Australia books. If you cannot find a book on this site, it is possible we do not have rights to that book in Australia.

Simon & Schuster also acts as the local sales agent and distribution partner for:

4 Ingredients   www.4ingredients.com.au

Cider Mill Press   www.cidermillpress.com

Duncan Baird Publishing   www.dbponline.co.uk

Kyle Books   www.kylebooks.com/

Pantera Press   www.panterapress.com.au

Watkins Publishing www.watkinsbooks.com

Smith Street Books www.smithstreetbooks.com

Ventura Press www.venturapress.com.au 

Affirm Press www.affirmpress.com.au

Please note some of these titles may not appear on this website.


Return policy for faulty books

If you receive a faulty or misbound book please contact the place of purchase. They should be able to exchange or refund your purchase. If you have any further problems please contact us at cservice@simonandschuster.com.au.

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