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Wild & Witchy


Manifesting queen and influencer Allira Potter has devised a “guidebook” for life that will allow readers to bring in their most abundant life ever.

Imagine your dream life. Who are you with? What are you doing? How do you feel?
If you’re ready to call in everything you ever wanted, from a new lover to your perfect job, manifesting queen Allira Potter knows the secret to creating an abundant AF life.
Growing up with a single mum who worked multiple jobs to keep the family afloat, Allira started out with nothing. When she lost her mum at just 17, her life became a wild ride of ups and downs. Allira was married by the age of 22 and divorced only two years later, navigated mental health issues and financial insecurity, and contended with substance abuse and hitting rock bottom… until she came across a deck of oracle cards her mum had left her.
That was the day everything changed.
In just a few short years, Allira turned it all around, harnessing the power of manifestation and magick to cultivate a life of power, abundance and immeasurable self-worth.
Here, she shares her journey and how you, too, can work through loss and grief, build unbreakable self-worth, learn to love every bit of yourself and identify your values. Wild & Witchy will teach you to live in alignment with your heart’s truest desires. From this space of clarity, calm and radical authenticity, you can finally begin to turn your dream life into reality.
In this “guidebook for life”, written in Allira’s trademark unapologetic, no-f*cks-given style, you’ll find tasks, tools, techniques and a few witchy rituals to help you bring in your most abundant life ever.

Photograph by Michael Peters

Allira Potter is an intuitive, a creator and writer, reiki practitioner, motivational speaker, model, and empowerment and mindset coach who hails from Geelong on Victoria’s southern coast. The proud Yorta-Yorta woman is also a manifesting queen, using the power of the mind – plus a dash of magick and a whole lot of hard work – to create her dream six-figure business. With an avid Instagram following, seemingly endless collaborations with well-loved Aussie and international brands, and now her first book, Allira is passionate about being a leader within the community, hoping to inspire Indigenous youth to aim high and achieve amazing things.

  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster Australia (February 1, 2022)
  • ISBN13: 9781761101892