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Nancy and her friends search for a missing chocolate turkey in the twelfth book in the interactive Nancy Drew Clue Book mystery series.

Nancy, Bess, and George are running in River Heights’s Turkey Trot this year and Bess has designed some super cute turkey-inspired outfits for them to wear. They’re hoping to win the costume contest and receive the winning prize, a giant chocolate turkey from Classy Coco, the new fancy chocolate shop in town.

But when the chocolate turkey goes missing the morning of the race, Anna Epicure blames the Turkey Trot runners and bans kids from her shop…forever!

Can the Clue Crew solve the mystery of missing chocolate and clear the trotters’ names? Or will the confectionary conundrum leave these three smarties stumped?


Turkey Trot Plot

“Nope,” Bess Marvin said, shaking her head. “Those feathers are wrong. Totally wrong.”

“But they’re such pretty colors, Bess,” eight-year-old Nancy Drew said, holding the plastic bag of feathers in her hand.

“Feathers are feathers,” George Fayne insisted.

It was Wednesday afternoon. Nancy and her best friends had gone straight from school to Chippy’s Craft Market to buy feathers. But not just any feathers . . .

“Those are hen feathers,” Bess said, pointing to the label on the bag. “We’re running in a Turkey Trot tomorrow, not a Hen Heat.”

George sighed as she grabbed another bag from the shelf. The feathers in this one were long and white with a brown stripy design. “Totally turkey,” she said. “Happy yet?”

Bess read the label on the bag out loud: “One dozen synthetic turkey feathers. What does ‘syn-thet-ic’ mean?”

“I think it means ‘fake,’?” Nancy said.

“Good enough,” George said, tossing the bag into their shopping basket. “Now that we found the right feathers, what do we do with them?”

Reaching into her backpack, Bess pulled out a fashion sketch. “Here’s my design for our Turkey Trot costumes,” she explained. “All we have to do is glue turkey feathers around the necks of sweatshirts and on leggings. Then we glue a few feathers on our headbands.”

Bess ran her hand over the sketch and said, “Simple . . . yet elegant!”

“Simple?” George scoffed. “What’s so simple about gluing hundreds of feathers one by one?”

Nancy liked Bess’s design but agreed with George. Gluing so many feathers would take forever. “There’s got to be a quicker way,” she said.

George’s dark curls bounced as she tilted her head in thought. “Here’s an idea,” she said with a grin. “We squirt sticky maple syrup all over our clothes, dump feathers in front of a fan, turn it on, and—whoosh!”

“I say let’s dump that idea, George,” Bess said.

Nancy giggled. Bess and George were cousins but as different as turkey and peacock feathers. Bess was a serious fashionista who loved the newest styles. George was a tech geek and proud of it. Her style was jeans and sneakers—definitely not turkey costumes.

“Why do we have to trot in goofy costumes anyway?” George asked as they filled their basket with more turkey feather bags.

“That’s the whole idea of the Turkey Trot tomorrow,” Nancy explained. “The kid or team with the best turkey costume wins a giant chocolate turkey.”

“Not just any chocolate turkey, Nancy,” Bess reminded her. “This one is from Classy Coco, the fancy new chocolate store on Main Street.”

“I’ve never tasted Classy Coco’s chocolate,” Nancy said, “but everyone says it’s amazing.”

“Just remember our deal, you guys,” George said. “If our team wins, we split the chocolate turkey into three pieces—”

“For our Thanksgiving dinners tomorrow,” Nancy cut in excitedly. “Go, Galloping Gobblers!”

This wasn’t the first time Nancy, Bess, and George had teamed up. They also had their own detective club called the Clue Crew. Nancy even had a clue book to write down all their clues and suspects.

“Let’s buy the feathers before it gets late,” Nancy said. She was about to pick up their basket when—

“Yodel-ay-ee-oooooo . . . Yodel-ay-ee-ooooo!”

The girls froze at the strange sound.

“What was that?” Bess asked.

“It doesn’t sound like a turkey gobbling,” George said.

“Yodel-ay-ee-ooooo!” There it was again!

Nancy, Bess, and George followed the yodeling to the next aisle. There they saw a girl looking at packaged ribbons.

She was dressed in an embroidered skirt and a puffy-sleeved blouse. Over her blouse was a black velvet vest, and on her blond braided hair was a green felt hat.

To Nancy she looked like a girl from a Swiss storybook. She also looked familiar . . .

“You guys,” Nancy said while the girl kept yodeling. “Isn’t that Shelby Metcalf?”

“But Shelby doesn’t have long blond hair like me,” Bess said. “That girl does.”

“Or braids either,” George said.

Shelby turned to the girls and smiled. “It’s a wig,” she said. “I just need to tie on a few ribbons and I’m all set!”

“Cool,” George said. “But what’s with the Heidi costume?”

“Shouldn’t you be shopping for a turkey costume?” Nancy asked. “The Turkey Trot is tomorrow, on Thanksgiving morning.”

“I’m not running in the Trot,” Shelby said. “I have to get ready for the Pixie Scout International Food Fest on Friday.”

“International Food Fest?” Nancy repeated. “You mean there will be food from other countries?”

“Everyone in my troop is bringing a different dish to taste,” Shelby explained. “I’ve been wearing my costume the past few days to get into character.” Shelby opened her mouth to yodel again.

To stop her, George quickly cut in. “What food are you bringing, Shelby?” she asked.

“I’m making a Swiss chocolate fondue,” Shelby said proudly. “It’s where you dip marshmallows, fruit, and pretzels into a pot of melted chocolate. I’m using melted Choco-Wacko bars!”

“Yummy,” Bess said. “But too bad the chocolate isn’t from Classy Coco.”

“You mean that fancy chocolate store on Main Street?” Shelby asked. “What’s so special about that place?”

“My mom is a caterer and told me all about it,” George said. “Classy Coco is owned by a woman named Anna Epicure. She used to be the editor of a magazine called Bon-Bon Vivant. It’s all about chocolate.”

“The chocolates in Anna’s store are like little statues!” Nancy explained. “I heard she has them made at fancy chocolate factories all over the world!”

“Wow!” Shelby exclaimed. “Forget the Choco-Wacko bars. I’ll use Classy Coco chocolate in my fondue!”

“Good luck.” George sighed. “One chocolate bar at Classy Coco is the price of fifty Choco-Wacko bars.”

“You’d have to sell a lot of lemonade to buy that, Shelby,” Bess said. “And it’s getting too cold for lemonade.”

Shelby’s shoulders drooped as she muttered, “Phooey.”

“I’m sure your fondue will be great anyway,” Nancy said.

“Great isn’t enough, Nancy,” Shelby said. “My chocolate fondue has to be perfect—no matter what I have to do!”

Shelby tossed a braid over her shoulder and walked away.

“She forgot the ribbons,” Bess said. “Ribbons would go great with her costume.”

“So would a goat,” George joked.

The girls headed straight to the check-out counter. Bess used her Chippy’s birthday gift card to buy the turkey feathers.

“Mission accomplished,” Bess declared as the girls left the store. “Now let’s go home and work on our costumes.”

Nancy, Bess, and George walked up Main Street on their way home. Each girl had the same rule: They could walk anywhere as long as it was less than five blocks and as long as they walked together. That was more fun anyway!

“What’s that smell?” George asked.

“I didn’t use the strawberry shampoo you hate,” Bess said, “if that’s what you mean.”

Nancy noticed the sweet smell too. But it wasn’t strawberries. “It’s chocolate!” she said excitedly. “I’ll bet it’s coming from Classy Coco down the block!”

Nancy, Bess, and George neared the store. They could see a reporter and a camerawoman from Station WRIV-TV standing outside. Also in front of the store was a woman with short dark hair.

“It’s Anna Epicure,” George whispered. “I saw her picture online.”

The girls could hear the reporter ask, “What makes you think you can run a successful chocolate store, Anna?”

“I once ran a successful chocolate magazine, didn’t I?” Anna replied. “Running a chocolate store will be a piece of cake.”

Anna turned to the camera and quickly added, “Speaking of cake . . . try my black forest cake truffles—they’re fabulous!”

Nancy, Bess, and George wanted to see the chocolates with their own eyes. So while the reporter asked more questions, they slipped inside Classy Coco.

The first things the girls noticed were framed Bon-Bon Vivant magazine covers on the walls. The best things were the chocolate figurines wrapped in clear plastic and tied with ribbons.

“There’s a chocolate Empire State Building!” Nancy said.

“My eyes spy a chocolate computer!” George said. She then pointed to a brown wedge carved with holes. “That looks like a chocolate hunk of cheese!”

“I’m glad it’s not real cheese,” Bess said, squeezing her nose shut. “I hate stinky cheese more than anything!”

They were about to check out a chocolate kitten when—

“Omigosh!” a girl’s voice gasped. “It’s more awesome than I imagined!”

A small crowd of kids rushed into the store to surround a chocolate turkey on a pedestal.

“There’s the chocolate turkey prize,” George said. “But who are those kids?”

“The tallest girl is Hazel Hookstratten,” Nancy whispered. “She’s president of the Choco Chewers Club.”

About The Author

Carolyn Keene is the author of the ever-popular Nancy Drew books.

About The Illustrator

Peter Francis lives in Brighton, UK, where he spent a number of years as an illustrator for children’s television before turning to books. When not painting in his studio, he enjoys long coastal walks, exploring local history, and growing vegetables.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Aladdin (October 1, 2019)
  • Length: 112 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781534431300
  • Grades: 1 - 4
  • Ages: 6 - 9

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