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The Dust Never Settles

Published by Oneworld Publications
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

'A breath-taking writer of singular voice.' Patrick Flanery, author of Absolution

'I have seen ghosts. They will not rest. The whispers of the past are all around...'

Anaïs Echeverría is returning to Lima to sell her ancestral home, the notorious 'yellow house' that looms over the sprawling capital below, its history woven into the fabric of the city. But concealed within its walls are spectres from the past that demand her attention, the echoing voices of the family who lived in this grand home, and the injustices on which both the country and the house were built.

In Lima, where elapsed time coats every surface like a layer of fine dust, these ghosts will not rest until the sins of the past are atoned for. And, while Anaïs comes to terms with her history, the present threatens to overwhelm her. Pregnant, nervous and alone, what begins as an uneasy homecoming soon becomes a reckoning with secrets that refuse to stay buried.

Perfect for fans of Isabel Allende and Kazuo Ishiguro, this hauntingly beautiful debut will seduce, entice and mesmerise.

  • Publisher: Oneworld Publications (October 7, 2021)
  • Length: 400 pages
  • ISBN13: 9780861540457

'A mesmerising feat of imagination and a masterful debut.'

– Paul Lynch, author of Irish Novel of the Year winner, Grace

'Lickorish Quinn's magnificent debut enchants from first page to last... A breath-taking writer of singular voice.'

– Patrick Flanery, author of Absolution

'Karina Lickorish Quinn is the new face of magic realism. She has given it, through Anaïs, a female body and soul… She makes it sing, she makes it work and she has built a world that stands on its own three feet. Like its title, The Dust Never Settles will stay floating inside the reader, impossible to forget or unsee.'

– Laia Jufresa, author of Umami

'An innovative and precisely imagined exploration of identity, family, ghosts, and the intersection between personal and national history. It swept me away.'

– Clare Fisher, author of All the Good Things

'The Dust Never Settles is ambitious, fascinating and endlessly inventive – a time-bending, kaleidoscopic fever dream in which the living coexist with the dead, and the past with present.'

– Luiza Sauma, author of Everything You Ever Wanted

'Karina Lickorish Quinn has rendered on the page a person and a place in all their conflicted histories so convincingly and dizzyingly and singularly that the very ink haunts. It leaves a shadow text on the reader’s psyche. The Dust Never Settles is a marvelous, vertiginous work that mercilessly conveys the post-colonial state.'

– Caoilinn Hughes, author of The Wild Laughter