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Unicorns are now free, but other magical folk are still in hiding—except for one faerie, Alida, who is a prisoner in Lord Dunraven’s castle. That is, until she escapes and a fierce struggle begins. Alida fights to free the faeries from the terrible promise they were forced to make to Lord Dunraven—but Lord Dunraven is desperate to continue denying his people the hope they derive from the existence of magical beings.

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Kathleen Duey’s works include the middle grade American Diaries and Survivors series, as well as the well-reviewed chapter book series The Unicorn’s Secret and its companion series, The Faeries’ Promise. She is also the National Book Award–nominated author of Skin Hunger. She lives in Fallbrook, California.

This lovely, sincere faerie story tempers sadness with joy. Readers will eagerly return for the next volume. -- Kirkus

"With its magical tone, sturdy characters, and predictable yet satisfying plot, this simple fantasy will engage young readers and leave them eager to read the next book."—School Library Journal

"The opening portrayal of Alida's isolation is particularly compelling, and young readers will no doubt feel at first her despondency and then her hope and determination as the story progresses. [Y]oung readers intrigued by Alida's mysterious world may well return for the second installment."—The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

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