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Love Nest


Love Nest, Andrew Coburn’s gripping new thriller, is certain to gain the same critical acclaim.

The murder of a young and alluring prostitute is at the core of this compelling story of small-town crime, corruption, and desire. In her brief stay in Andover, Massachusetts, her charm and beauty had touched the lives of many of the town’s leading citizens, not the least of whom is the investigator of her murder, Sergeant Sonny Dawson. His tenacious search for the killer uncovers a netherworld of characters that shocks his sensibilities but does not dampen his thirst to solve the case.

The taut psychological drama, the agonizingly suspenseful plot, and the deft prose that mark Andrew Coburn’s writing of Love Nest consolidate his stature and his fictional territory—the authentic New England world he has staked out for himself. And in his portrait of a small New England town, Coburn reveals the sophistication and breadth of a most gifted novelist.

  • Publisher: Prologue Books (July 1, 2012)
  • Length: 100 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781440545092

The New York Times said of Andrew Coburn, ''Natural storytellers are not too common, but Mr. Coburn is one.'' And Publishers Weekly praised his previous novel Sweetheart as ''so good that it is almost criminal.''

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