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'If you look up mental toughness in the dictionary you'll find a picture of John Maclean' Steve Waugh AO

Walking on the beach and holding hands with a loved one is a dream taken for granted by most. But when aspiring athlete John Maclean was struck down by a truck while training for a triathlon at the age of 22, this dream became impossible. John survived, but was left paraplegic – catastrophic for a life so full of promise. He insisted that he’d walk again, but it became clear John would need to shift his focus, and take his beloved father’s words to heart: ‘How far can you go?’

With fierce tenacity, determination, and the love of family and friends, John became one of the most accomplished wheelchair athletes in the world, the first wheelchair athlete to complete the Ironman World Championships and the first paraplegic to swim the English Channel. He also competed in the Sydney Olympics wheelchair demonstration race and in two Paralympic Games in two different disciplines, winning a silver medal for rowing in Beijing.

But John still longed to walk, hand in hand, on the beach with his wife. It wasn’t until he discovered a radical therapy that John was able to reach his full potential by retraining his mind and body to unlock new neural responses . . . and stand, walk, and fulfill his dream.

How Far Can You Go? is John Maclean’s amazing story, and his quest to walk again after 25 years in a wheelchair.

Photograph © John Maclean

John Maclean is a motivational speaker and personal development coach. Hit from behind by a truck while riding his bike at the age of 22, he woke from a coma as a paraplegic destined for life in a wheelchair. But this may have been the making of John, as he went on to become the first wheelchair athlete to complete the Hawaii Ironman World Championship triathlon, swim the English Channel, and represent his country at Olympic and Paralympic games. John has competed in over 20 of the world’s most challenging sporting events in his 25 years as a wheelchair athlete, then, in an extraordinary turn of events, John took his first steps towards achieving his dream to walk again in 2013. John’s life story is one of constant change, and while he shares his challenges and how he overcame them with audiences and individuals around the world, he continues to set new personal goals and further improve his mobility. John is the founder of The John Maclean Foundation, which assists children in wheelchairs and their families, and lives in Sydney, with his wife Amanda, and son Jack. Connect with John via his website or on Twitter @johnmaclean27.

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Mark Tabb has authored and co-authored over twenty books, including Living with Less, the Upside of Downsizing Your Life (B&H), and the 2004 Gold Medallion finalist, Out of the Whirlwind (B&H). He also collaborated with Stephen Baldwin on the New York Times bestseller, The Unusual Suspect (FaithWords). Mark is currently working with Alec Baldwin on his book, A Promise to Ourselves (St. Martin’s Press).

  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster Australia (August 1, 2016)
  • Length: 304 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781925184938

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