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After 1945 many countries needed new vehicles in order to replace those that had been destroyed or worn out in the war and so British factories were offered incentives to produce and export lorries. Foden were one such company to take advantage of the opportunities available and in the 1950s, had agents in almost every West European country. In the 1970s when the European market had declined, the Middle East, Australia and South Africa markets rose to prominence and from the 1980s onwards, New Zealand became the primary destination for the marque. By the time production finally ceased in 2006, they had sold vehicles all over the world. The vehicles produced for export differed greatly from the designs used in Britain. In many countries the gross weights of vehicles exceeded the British values significantly, so the majority of Foden export vehicles had much stronger chassis, gearboxes, axles, suspensions and more powerful engines than their British counterparts. Many also had tropical double roofs to keep the heat out and sleeper cabs, long before they became common in the UK.This comprehensive book detailing the lorries that Foden exported around the world, follows on from the publication of the author's first book about the Fodens produced and used within the UK (Foden Special Vehicles). It includes 364 fascinating photographs, many of which have never been previously published and will be of interest to all Foden fans and transport enthusiasts in general.

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  • Publisher: Old Pond (June 2, 2017)
  • Length: 248 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781910456767

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