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In the eighth DATA Set adventure, the kids get lost inside Dr. Bunsen!

When Dr. Bunsen gets sick with a bad cough, he insists that he has no time to sleep! He swallowed a top-secret experiment to prove his scientific findings, but now he needs the kids’ help to kick out the cold! And luckily, Bunsen has created a high-tech shuttle that can shrink down and travel inside the human body. Join the kids as they suit up and dive down the Bunsen brain drain!

With easy-to-read language and illustrations on almost every page, the DATA Set chapter books are perfect for emerging readers.

Chapter 1: An Icky Little Problem Chapter 1 An Icky Little Problem
“Don’t look now, but the enzymes are coming!

Breaking down food to keep your body running.

Proteins, fats, and sugars all do their part.

Absorb into your bloodstream and pump that heart!”

Gabe, Laura, and Olive clapped as Cesar did a mic drop. The four science whiz kids, known as the DATA Set, were rehearsing their presentations on the human body in Dr. Bunsen’s laboratory.

“What did you guys think of my rap?” Cesar asked.

The three friends whispered quietly like judges on a panel.

“It was a little pitchy,” Olive said at last.

Cesar’s face dropped. “It was?”

“Yes, as in… pitch perfect!” Olive cried. “I bet you’re the only student who will rap a song for their presentation!”

Cesar pulled out a pair of sunglasses. With them on, he looked like a super cool rock star!

“Oh, you know, just doing my part to keep the DATA Set fresh,” Cesar said, giving Olive a high five.

Their classmates at school were probably expecting each DATA Set presentation to be accurate and scientific. But Cesar had just proved that sometimes it was important to spice things up.

Right then, Dr. Bunsen appeared in front of the kids. Normally, he was in his lab when they came to visit, but today there was a bright glow around him as he greeted them as a hologram.

“Hello there, DATA Set friends,” the doctor said in a scratchy voice.

“Dr. B., your voice sounds horrible,” said Cesar.

“And where are you right now?” Gabe added. “This hologram device is super cool!”

“I’m at a convention,” Dr. Bunsen explained. “But I’m not feeling so good right now.”

“It sounds like it’s just a bad cold,” Laura said. “With some rest, you should be fine in a few days!”

“Ah, but I don’t have a few days!” the doctor cried. “I need to present my invention at the National Council for Creative Cures in three hours. All the top scientists in the world will be here soon.”

“No way! What are you going to be talking about?” Olive asked.

“The cure for the common cold,” he replied as he looked down and let out a big sigh.

“Wow, what are the chances!” Cesar said with a laugh.

“Oh, this was all part of my plan!” Bunsen declared as his eyes lit up. “And you four are my only hope for getting better in time!”

“Uh, Dr. B., you know we can’t cure your cold, right?” Gabe asked. “I think that might be your high fever talking.”

“Ah, believe it or not, you can cure me… with the teeny-tiny but mighty device I left under my microscope. Behold, the Bunsen Cold Buster 3000!”

Through the lens, the kids saw a device that looked like a submarine! It had a large window, a big steering wheel, a porthole at the top, and two wings on the side.

“Whoa. Is this a supercharged vitamin C pill?” asked Cesar.

“Oh, it’s much better than that. This microscopic vehicle, which can be swallowed like a pill, can dive into the human body and kick out my cold!” Dr. B cried. “And you four will be the first to drive it.”

Ada Hopper has been extremely inventive ever since she was little. There was nothing that a rubber band and some tweezers couldn’t fix, no question that couldn’t be answered by scouring the library, and no way she wasn’t escaping over that back yard fence! Ada loves reading and writing because of all the fantastical worlds a good book can bring you to. When not working, Ada enjoys karaoke, spending time with her family, and going on the occasional adventure or two.

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