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Does a bad girl deserve love?

A sassy, sweet romance perfect for fans of Christina Lauren, Colleen Hoover and Zoe Foster Blake

Lara Montgomery is no good. But she’s used to it by now – her high school reputation has followed her all the way to Bay University. She tells herself she doesn’t care, but a small part of her hopes she can neutralise the bad karma by doing good deeds for anyone who asks.

She’s really good at it, even if she does say so herself. But deep down, she knows there’s one thing she can never make better, no matter how many problems she solves . . . On the night her brother died, she was off hooking up with his not-so-single best friend, Fletch.

It’s been three years since that night, and Fletch has had it with Lara’s do-gooding – it only reminds everyone in their small university town about what they did. But Lara is determined to wipe the slate clean, even if it means heated arguments with Fletch whenever they meet on the way to class.

Trouble is, there’s more than just heat between Lara and Fletch – there are sparks and fire that can’t be ignored, and no amount of do-gooding is going to get rid of that.

Photograph courtesy of the author

Jessie L. Star hails from a family of voracious readers and talkers who all relish in a good story and a well-crafted squabble.

She was born in a small town in rural Australia and so learnt early the value of making her own entertainment—in her case, writing stories. This remains her favorite form of entertainment, along with reading too late into the night, having her heart broken on a regular basis by her football team, and pestering her long-suffering friends into watching the numerous TV shows she’s addicted to.

Jessie started writing online as a teenager and developed her style with the aid of a cohort of brilliant readers who provided a lot of helpful and encouraging feedback. She won six awards on Some Kind of Wonderful (SKoW)—an original romance awards site—and was inducted into the Hall of Fame. Her first completed original story, So Much to Learn, has over 1.3 million views on

Jessie writes romance stories full of snark, banter, a smidgeon of heartache, and people, ultimately, falling in love. She lives in Tasmania.

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