Cuentos completos (Spanish Edition)


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Los cuentos de Ernest Hemingway no son sólo lo mejor de su obra, sino también fundamentales para entender el siglo.

Esta edición recupera la recopilación que el propio Hemingway hiciera de todos sus cuentos en 1938, conocida como Los cuarenta y nueve primeros cuentos, donde se encuentran relatos tan magistrales como «Los asesinos», «Las nieves del Kilimanjaro» o «Padres e hijos». El mundo estético y moral de Hemingway se encuentra aquí destilado, seco, sobrio, cegador, latente. La caza, la pesca, el boxeo, la guerra, el alcohol, el deseo o la derrota son algunos de los materiales con que se construye esta obra cuyo aliento perdura con un vigor insospechado.

«La obra de Hemingway está llena de hallazgos simples y deslumbrantes.»
Gabriel García Márquez

About The Author

Earl Theisen, 1953

Ernest Hemingway did more to influence the style of English prose than any other writer of his time. Publication of The Sun Also Rises and A Farewell to Arms immediately established him as one of the greatest literary lights of the 20th century. His classic novella The Old Man and the Sea won the Pulitzer Prize in 1953. Hemingway was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1954. He died in 1961.

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  • Publisher: Scribner (October 23, 2018)
  • Length: 591 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781982104955

Raves and Reviews

“Illuminating . . . to read it is to be shocked again by the fecundity of his genius. Writing one story that takes root in literary history is remarkable, but here is classic after classic.”

– Ron Charles, The Washington Post

"Essential for students of modern literature, offering insight into the mind and methods of one of the greatest practitioners of the story form." 

– Kirkus

“Illuminating. . . it is undeniably fascinating to see how Hemingway swapped one word for another, or sliced and diced sentences.” 

– Christian Science Monitor

“An essential book for consumers and aesthetes.”

– Idaho Statesman

“Serves as a fine introduction to readers unfamiliar with Hemingway… [and] also makes a fine addition to the libraries of Ernest Hemingway’s many admirers.” 

– Washington Times

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