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About The Book

In the eighth Isla of Adventure chapter book, island girl Isla Verde heads into her first-ever big-city adventure!

Isla is traveling by airplane for the first time ever as she heads into La Ciudad, the big city! With her friend Tora by her side, Isla is sure she’ll have a blast. But a pesky pigeon threatens to ruin their summertime fun!

With easy-to-read language and illustrations on almost every page, the Isla of Adventure chapter books are perfect for beginning readers.





  Isla Verde typically began her days with a few important tasks.

  The first task was brushing her hair and teeth at the same time. This way both chores went by faster.

  Next, Isla made her bed with one quick pull of her blankets. Her gecko best friend, Fitz, helped by fluffing the pillows.


  After that, Mama always whipped up a delicious breakfast for all three of them.

  But today things were running a bit differently in the Verde house.

  This time Isla wasn’t following her usual routine. This time she was getting ready for her biggest adventure yet.

  Today Isla was going on her first-ever airplane ride! All she had left to do before leaving the house was close her suitcase. But it turned out that filling it with clothes, books, and lots of adventure gear was making her suitcase a bit difficult to zip up.



  Fitz watched from the couch as Isla fought with the zipper. “You’re not moving to La Ciudad, you know. You crammed too much in there!” he said.

  La Ciudad—the big city. It’s where Mama had grown up, where Isla’s friend Tora had moved from, and the one place Isla was most curious about.

  “Crammed too much? No such thing!” Isla declared. Using both her hands, she tried to force the suitcase shut. “This old thing just needs… a little… push!”

  “Allow me!” Fitz said. With one great gecko leap, he landed on the suitcase.


  With the weight of her hands and Fitz’s hops, the zipper finally gave in.


  Isla high-fived her friend. “This suitcase is as snug as a bug.”


  Fitz tilted his head. “Do you think you’ll find bugs in La Ciudad? What if they’re different than the ones here? What if they’re super giant?”

  Isla thought about it. The big city was, well, big.


  “I haven’t read anything about giant city bugs,” Isla said, then gave Fitz a sad look. “But I do wish you could come find out with me.”


  Geckos weren’t allowed on airplanes. It was the greatest bummer in the whole world.

  “Me? In the sky? Hundreds of feet above the ground?” Fitz shivered. “That’s no place for a gecko. You’ll just have to draw everything you see and show me when you get back.”

  “It’s a done deal,” Isla promised.

  The front door opened, and Mama walked in. She wore a pretty dress with a big sun hat. “Isla, is Fitz ready to head over to Abuelo’s for the weekend? There are lots of sweet fruits that need to be picked from the garden. Plus, we’ve got a plane to catch!”

  Fitz’s stomach growled. “I don’t know about picking the fruit, but I sure can eat it!”

  Isla couldn’t drag her suitcase out the door fast enough.



About The Author

Dela Costa loves nature, discovering new things, and spending too much time speaking to animals even though they don’t respond…yet. She lives in New York.

About The Illustrator

Ana Sebastián is an illustrator living in Spain. She studied fine arts at University of Zaragoza and Université Michel de Montaigne, Bordeaux, specializing in digital illustration and completing her education with a master’s degree in digital illustration for concept art and visual development. Her work focuses on color and light. She mainly works with her iPad Pro at her studio but sometimes you can find her working at coffee shops, in the mountains, or near the sea. Ana also likes to work with colored pencils and watercolors. When not drawing, she will probably be reading, practicing yoga, or traveling.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Little Simon (July 17, 2024)
  • Length: 128 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781665950398
  • Ages: 5 - 9

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