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Bark Busters: The Guide to Dog Behaviour and Training (New Edition)

The Guide to Dog Behaviour and Training (New Edition)

Barkbusters is a step-by-step manual to managing all aspects of dog ownership. It demonstrates how to work in tandem with your dog's natural instincts to transform a frustrating and chaotic relationship with your dog into a harmonious one.

This book covers all facets of dog ownership, from selecting the right puppy for you, training it in basic obedience, dealing with common behavioural problems and feeding and exercising, to copy with disabilities and an aged dog. It includes special sections on dealing with aggression and biting, fears and phobias, dogs and children, going to the vet and coping with the loss of a much-loved pet.

Whether you are a proud owner of a new puppy, or the victim of relentless behavioural onslaughts from your mischievous mutt, Barkbusters shows you how to train your dog to fit comfortably into your life.