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Miranda Mueller

About The Author

Miranda Mueller is a permaculturalist who lives with her husband and two children, chickens and other animals in the Dandenong Ranges of Victoria, Australia. Successfully managing a small farm and family, Miranda chooses to grow their food on the three picturesque, mountainous acres they call home. Her business, Go to Ground, a successful herb and vegetable seedling nursery encompassing a gardening business, is just enough to keep the weeks full and support the lifestyle that Miranda enjoys. A simple lifestyle, rich with activism and a love of all things green. Miranda teaches permaculture from the home farm and regularly opens the farm gates to encourage others to reconnect with the art of growing food, for people's health as well as for the earth's wellbeing. Her workshops are always sold out and she is well-known in gardening circles. Miranda's company sponsors community growing spaces and she is a regular guest speaker at community-growing meetings. Her favourite plant is the dandelion, a plant that has been labeled a weed, yet delivers so much wisdom and nutrition whilst growing in the cracks of concrete!

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