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Jenny Perepeczko

Photograph courtesy of the author

About The Author

Jenny Perepeczko was born in Gweru, Zimbabwe, in 1964 and spent her early childhood on the family farm before they emigrated to Malawi to farm in the Mchinji district. Her earliest memories are of her parents fostering a wide variety of both domestic and wild animals that had been injured or orphaned. From a very young age she started to get involved with the care of these animals. As an adult she has continued this work. As a result of Moses the elephant coming into her life, Jenny has set up the Jumbo Foundation to take care of large wild animals in need of fostering or nursing until they are able to be returned to the wild. Jenny has three children—Louise, Craig, and Cheryl—and one grandchild, Catherine, all of whom share her devotion to helping animals in need.

Books by Jenny Perepeczko