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Emily McGovern

Emily was born in the UK but grew up in Brussels, where she attended the European School of Brussels II, studying Art as a main subject and receiving a 90% mark in the Baccalaureate.

After graduating, she began a Foundation Art Diploma course at London College of Fashion, which she instantly disliked, finding the course dull and lacking any actual teaching. She studiously avoided any fashion, and instead spent her time making hand-drawn animations and weird paintings of witches. Although she found the course boring, her drawing skills leapt.

She began a BA degree in Russian Studies at University College London and spent a year in Russia working in a rural commune, where she ran a weekly art “gathering” for the kids. The year abroad allowed her to go to many Russian art galleries, which were a revelation to her - artists such as Vereshchagin and Vasnetsov she found influenced her greatly.

She graduated  with First Class Honours and by 2016 was building a comic driven social media platform based around the regular posting of her ‘My Life As A Background Slytherin’
comic. Bloodlust & Bonnets is her first graphic novel.

Books by Emily McGovern