Ben Moon

(c)Whitney Hassett

About The Author

Ben Moon is an adventure and lifestyle photographer turned director and filmmaker. For more than seventeen years his photographs capturing the beauty of people challenging themselves, from Yosemite to the Pacific Northwest, have been featured in Patagonia catalogues. As a rock climber, surfer and adventurer himself,  his insights into the subjects he photographs are tangible. In 2015, Ben’s film production company, Moonhouse, produced his personal story about his battle with colorectal cancer and his relationship with his beloved dog Denali, who passed away from cancer a decade after Ben recovered from the disease. The film attracted more than 15 million views and continues to touch new audiences. This book is the story of that extraordinary friendship. Ben lives in Pacific City, Oregon, with his dog, Nori, who has strikingly similar facial markings to Denali, and shares many of his finer personality traits.

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