Akal Pritam

About The Author

Akal Pritam’s life as a dharma artist began in early childhood, when she displayed a natural talent for communication. She has worked as a Fashion Art Director both in Australia and internationally.
In the mid 90's Akal moved into publishing and created many internationally successful books.
At this time Akal completely changed her approach to life, practising of yoga and meditation, studying metaphysics and healing with whole foods.
Akal and her life partner created an organic, raw food, vegan cafe and wellbeing store at one point that attracted many souls wanting to self nurture and reclaim their health. Akal created ranges of Raw Vegan Food and Chocolate, Aromatherapy, Herbal Teas, Chai and Unique Gifts, and also ran workshops on Plant-based living, Self-healing practices and, Aromatherapy and the Chakras.
Akal and her family now live in the wild and beautiful Byron Bay, in Northern NSW, Australia.  Akal is now focused on creating unique books, gift products and art that is food for the soul.
Her work resonates with a diverse range of individuals and inspires them to self-love and grow the light of their own soul. “Your life is meant to feel good, it is meant to be fun and it is meant to be exciting. You are a most wonderful, beautiful human being; it's time to realise this and take a deeper journey to self-love.”

Books by Akal Pritam