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Simon & Schuster Australia Acquires World Rights To Book By Allira Potter

Simon & Schuster Australia has acquired world rights to a book by psychic and mindset coach Allira Potter. 


Potter, a Yorta Yorta woman, incorporates Indigenous practices and First Nations knowledge into her work as an energy healer and psychic. Her book will be a handbook for millennials about life, loss, spirituality and women’s intuition. 


‘This will be an authentic handbook about life, loss, spirituality and intuition. I see this covering everything people hunt for on social-media and more. A book for my community and people from all walks of life,’ said Potter.


She will also share her own story in the book.


‘I hit my ultimate low in the last 24 months with my mental health and have been working to turn my life around. I tapped into my intuition and started to understand this spiritual side of myself. I hope my journey can help others too.’


Emma Nolan, non-fiction publisher at Simon & Schuster Australia said: “Allira has so many fans at Simon & Schuster. She is at the forefront of the spiritual wellness space and a social media game-changer. I’m delighted to be working on this timely and inspiring project.’


Potter’s book will be available in all formats in 2022.