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The students of Mount Mayhem School are fed up. Their uniform is hideous, the tuckshop is full of health food, while the sports cupboard is empty. It’s time for an election to find a student who will speak on everyone’s behalf and make some changes.

But who will it be?

There’s more to voting than you think. Vote for Me will show you how preferential voting works (and you’ll know more about it than the average adult in Australia).

Krys Saclier is an electoral educator who has taught thousands of children from around Australia how to vote. Krys has written for television, radio and the press and is a qualified primary school teacher. She lives with her lovely family and a non-stop Burmese cat, and will never ever tell you who she would vote for because it’s a secret.

Cathy Wilcox has been drawing cartoons since she was old enough to scratch the furniture. She earned her letters at Art College and was eventually taken in by the Sydney Morning Herald. There, she churns out cartoons almost daily since 1989, pausing only to procreate, make cups of tea and collect cartooning awards.

"Perfect information for future voters and a must-have for the Australian classroom."

– Ged Kearney

"Delightful and informative, this is even more essential - and arguably more delicious - than a democracy sausage."

– James Jeffrey

"I wish I'd read this before I prematurely declared Labor the winner of the 2019 election." 

– Mark Humphries

"See? It's not that difficult!"

– Antony Green