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The Passenger


‘The mother of all conspiracy theories?’ The Times

James Collard and his son Nick are on flight 103, from Frankfurt to London, then going onto New York just before Christmas in 1988. James leaves the plane after the first leg in London, leaving his son Nick to fly onto New York alone. Later that night he learns that the plane has exploded over Lockerbie. A distraught James gets dragged into the investigation, especially when it starts to seem like Nick might have been involved. James is soon involved in a web of spies, deceit and plots and he searches desperately for news of his son...

Chris Petit weaves an extraordinary story of conspiracy and intrigue in this brilliant novel about the Lockerbie bombing.

?‘?An impressive tour-de-force of historical, political and criminal skullduggery, a kaleidoscopic collage of conspiracy and betrayal’ Guardian

Chris Petit has written a trio of acclaimed “beyond black” political thrillers covering a serial killer operating in sectarian Northern Ireland (The Psalm Killer); dirty money in World War II (The Human Pool); and terror, arms trading and the bombing of a civilian aircraft (The Passenger); as well as The Butchers of Berlin which also features the characters Schlegel and Morgen. He is an internationally renowned filmmaker.

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