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None of the Above


Are all the parties the same?

Will my vote really make any difference?

Why is politics so hard to understand?

If you've ever thought any of these things, you're not alone. What with broken promises, complicated jargon and a lack of simple and clear information, is it any wonder that voter turnout is plummeting? It's not that you don't care about the way the country is run - it's that you don't think you can change it. Well, you can. And this book aims to show you how, by setting out basic politics and answering questions we've all asked, like: Why do politicians lie? What do UKIP stand for? And what's going to happen to the NHS?

You have a decision to make in the countdown to the May 2015 General Election. You have something politicians want.

Your vote.

An ambassador for #SwingtheVoteand the presenter of Free Speech,Rick Edwards has written a pithy and succinct book explaining the power of your vote. A refreshing counterpoint to Russell Brand's sentiments on voting in his latest book, Revolution,it will make you think about politics in a completely new way.

Rick began his career on the stand-up circuit after graduating with a degree in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University. He now works as a journalist, presenter and screenwriter. Alongside numerous presenting credits Rick currently hosts BBC Three's live current affairs debate show, Free Speech, and he actively campaigns for more youth engagement in politics. As a writer his original film Burger Van Champion was commissioned as part of C4's Coming Up strand in 2013 and was described by the Observer as 'a remarkable debut' and by Time Out as 'funny, touching [and] superbly written'. Rick has a monthly column in the Observer Magazine, and contributes regularly to the Evening Standard and Huffington Post.