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More Than Meets the Eye


Do we ever really know who or what walks among us? Do demons blend in among humans? What if a chance sexual encounter left you dead? There is evil afoot in New York City, and one unsuspecting woman has stepped right into the center of it.

Journalist Belinda Wilson feels unfulfilled at work and she’s falling behind. She has a good life full of luxury, but she’s been falling behind. Until she receives a call for an investigative writing opportunity—to write a story about the high number of people going missing.

When she awakens one morning covered in scratches and bruises, she knows the stress and insomnia she’s been experiencing are more than just tricks of the mind. There is a very real threat lurking in the streets of New York City, and Belinda is determined to find it.

What she uncovers is a community of demons hidden in plain sight—even her best friend is one of them. Some seek only survival, living among humans without causing harm. Others play an evil, twisted game of sexual depravity—disguised as man or woman, demons sexually prey on humans, resulting with mortals painfully ill and often dead.

With evil staring her in the face, Belinda searches for the truth in her mission to banish the demons from this world. But will she be able to stop them?

Michelle Janine Robinson

Michelle Janine Robinson’s short story “Mi Destino” was included in Zane’s New York Times bestseller Caramel Flava and her short story contribution “The Quiet Room” was a featured story in the New York Times bestseller Succulent: Chocolate Flava II. She’s the author of More Than Meets the Eye, Color Me Grey, On the Other Side, Serial Typical, Strange Fruit. Michelle is a native New Yorker and the mother of identical twin boys.

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