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Discover What You're Best At

Revised for the 21St Century


The bestselling career guide that has helped more than half a million people discover their true talents and make successful career choices, now completely revised for the digital age.

Learn how to identify your talents and harness your potential skills and start making money doing what you love. Now revised for the digital age, Lina Gale’s bestselling Discover What You’re Best At will teach you how to set realistic and rewarding goals, save money, and learn about new areas of the job market where you could begin a fulfilling career. Complete with job listings and comprehensive tests to help you evaluate your talents and aptitude, Discover What You’re Best At is the only career guide you’ll ever need.

Linda Gale is the bestselling author and coauthor of three career books. She has twenty-three years of experience as a professional "door-opener," initiating and developing strategic business partnerships. Linda lives in New York City.

  • Publisher: Touchstone (November 23, 2010)
  • Length: 192 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781439147511

"In today’s job market it is more important than ever for you to develop a focus, but it can be hard to know where to start. Discover What You’re Best At guides you to work on your own to learn more about yourself and your abilities, and then discover possible career paths. An investment of time in the National Career Aptitude System is likely to reap the benefits of a more targeted (and therefore less frustrating) job search and a more fulfilling career."

– Rebecca McMillan Sparrow, Executive Director, Cornell Career Services

"Job seekers are faced with the seemingly daunting task of assessing and marketing the skills they bring to the employment table. Discover What You’re Best At provides a way to understand and better communicate one’s aptitudes within a career context. This resource is also ideal for counselors and coaches who are searching for tools to assist their clients with the career exploration process."

– Mike Schaub, Ph.D., Executive Director, Cawley Career Education Center, Georgetown University

“As a teacher, my students responded with enthusiasm to Discover What You're Best At. The book clearly defined their skill sets. Parents will find this an effective way to invest in their children’s education.”

– Andrea Jimenez, Jobs for Arizona Graduates