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Crushes, Flirts, And Friends

A Real Girl's Guide to Boy Smarts


Boys - who can figure them out? Do they like you or not? Why are they mean when their friends are around and nice when they're by themselves? What's the deal?

If you don't have the slightest idea - you're not alone! But don't fret - Crushes, Flirts, and Friends reveals the honest truth about boys, boyfriends, and relationships. With the low-down on Geeks, Bad Boys, Go-getters, and Princes, you'll learn to navigate Guy World with smarts and style.

Inside, you'll find:

  • Boy Watch: the real skinny on which guys to choose and which guys to lose
  • Boy Sizzlers: awesome checklists to help you choose a prince and avoid the toads
  • Oh-Boy Meter: real girls tell-all about their relationships
  • Boy Secrets: private thoughts and confessions, straight from the mouths of real boys
  • And more!
Complete with quizzes and real-world advice, Crushes, Flirts, and Friends is the only guide you need to understand the mind-boggling world of boys.

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