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What is the 10:10 diet?


The 10:10 Diet is a holistic approach to nutrition and wellbeing that helps men and women of all ages to achieve vibrant health and be their best selves.


What do you see when you imagine being your ‘best self’? It’s being in a better mood consistently, having a youthful glow and feeling positive about yourself. It’s a way of life that I’ve lived for the better part of 30 years, and I created the 10:10 because I want to share what I’ve learned, so that you can enjoy life the way I do.


The 10:10 Diet focuses on positive body image and inner health. I don’t believe in fad diets. I’m passionate about teaching a healthy lifestyle and eating skills that give you energy and help you age well. In my program, you will learn about:

  • integrating nutritious eating with your lifestyle
  • the best anti-aging foods
  • ideal portions
  • exercise
  • how to deal with stress
  • the importance of sleep
  • roadblocks to weight loss
  • healthy aging
  • achieving weight loss
  • detoxing
  • 600-calorie days
  • maintenance
  • healthy snacking

I share all my secret tips and tricks with you. It’s a lifestyle shift based on nutrition, which is the foundation of vibrant health.


Once you have successfully incorporated the 10:10 principles into your life, you will never look back. What you put into this program is what you will get out. If you are dedicated, you will achieve weight loss, a youthful glow, good elimination channels, improved sleep and a better mood.


With these foundations of wellbeing in your life, your best self will naturally flourish.


Life is too short to not live your best life. You’ll hear me use the words ‘be your best self’ over and over again.


By this, I mean that I want you to:

  • wake up every day feeling motivated and positive
  • be in control and confident that you will eat well
  • respect your body and health
  • learn how to relax
  • learn how to have meaningful connections with others
  • exercise regularly
  • stay well hydrated
  • live with a purpose

We are always evolving, and self-improvement is so important. This is the basis of my 10:10 Diet. In my opinion, a life that is half lived is a life where people suffer treatable chronic disease, battle excess weight, sleep poorly, have low energy or just feel half alive. I tell every one of my patients that they are their own best project, and it is never too late to change.


As a clinical nutritionist, I love nothing more than to provide my patients with every tip and trick I know in order to help them achieve their goals. I have no secrets. My only mission is to help people be their best selves.


The patients who come to me at my clinic generally want three things:

  1. To have more energy and vitality.
  2. To be at a healthy goal weight.
  3. To be healthy and age well.

This was my motivation to create the 10:10 Diet. I will help anyone who follows it achieve these basic goals. I developed the 10:10 Diet to be accessible to anyone looking for a life change. It’s for those who want to learn about healthy weight loss, find a new form of vibrant health and learn how amazing our bodies are.  Although the ‘secrets’ to good nutrition are relatively simple, there are so many fad diets and misleading advertisements out there which make the simple truth difficult to discern.


The 10:10 Diet is a holistic approach to health, not a fad. It has been carefully constructed to include foods that have multiple health benefits. Foods that are antioxidant-rich, reduce inflammation, assist with collagen production, help with skin firming, improve gut health, increase immunity, stabilise blood sugar, keep skin hydrated, reduce bloating and combat puffiness. Put together, these benefits work to promote anti-aging, weight loss, better sleep, vitality, increased energy and holistic health.


I created this program to change people’s lives for the better and forever! From my heart, I want to teach people the tools for success to manage and navigate their lives without ever regaining weight, plus I want to nourish the body along the way.


If you look at studies that research how long it takes for lifelong changes to stick, most people will create a new way of life in 66 days or 9.4 weeks. This is why I made my program a 10-week program – I want to cement new habits that you will apply for the rest of your life.


My program is going to teach a new way of living as well as a different and balanced approach to food. All of my tips and tricks will give you the confidence to move forward and enjoy your life without ever gaining weight again.


The 10:10 Diet

The Healthy Way to Lose 10 Kilos in 10 Weeks (& keep them off forever!)

Created by clinical nutritionist Sarah Di Lorenzo, The 10:10 Diet is a 10-week meal and exercise plan aimed at helping you lose 10 kilos and keep the weight off in the healthiest way possible.

The 10:10 Diet not only outlines an easy-to-follow 10-week program to lose 10 kilos, but it goes behind the program to explain the science and logic that were used to create it.


Devised by clinical nutritionist Sarah Di Lorenzo, The 10:10 Diet outlines the factors that contribute to weight gain and how to eliminate or respond more effectively to them. The roles played by stress, lack of sleep, unhealthy food options, mental and societal roadblocks and other factors are explained in layperson's terms, and Sarah draws from both her own experience as a single mother of three and those of her clients to demonstrate methods to overcome obstacles standing in the way of weight loss.


Rejecting the notion of fad diets, Sarah has crafted a manageable, achievable program aimed at people with busy lifestyles who will feel the benefit of a new commitment to their health by the conclusion of the 10-week program, and have the knowledge and understanding to maintain their new habits in the future.