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Simon & Schuster Australia to release COVID-19 by Dr Michael Mosley

Simon & Schuster Australia announces Dr Michael Mosley’s COVID-19, everything you need to know about the greatest public health threat of our time.

Simon & Schuster Australia will this month publish COVID-19 by Dr Michael Mosley, a guide to everything you need to know about the coronavirus – the greatest public health threat of our time – and the race to find the vaccine.



From award-winning science journalist Dr Michael Mosley, COVID-19 offers both a highly readable explanation of the science behind the disease, and plenty of accessible, practical advice on how to ward off infection and look after both your mental and physical health.



Dan Ruffino, Managing Director, Simon & Schuster Australia said: ‘Dr Michael Mosley continues to deliver the latest groundbreaking science when it comes to our physical and mental health. In his new book, Dr Mosley provides his trademark practical approach to protecting yourself and your family as the world begins to reopen.’



In researching COVID-19, Dr Mosley interviewed leading experts working at the front line in the battle to defeat this microscopic enemy and develop an effective vaccine, which he believes will be the only way to ultimately halt the spread of the virus.



Dr Mathew Vadas, Professor of Medicine and Leading Immunologist, Centenary Institute and University of Sydney said: ‘This is an incredibly readable summary of the latest research. A magical mixture of scientific realism and reasoned hope.’



COVID-19 will be published in Australia on 28 May 2020 in print, eBook and audiobook, narrated by Dr Mosley.




B Format eBook Audiobook
ISBN: 9781760857592

ISBN: 9781760857608

ISBN: 9781760857615

RRP: AUS $19.99/ NZ $19.99 RRP: AUS $12.99/ NZ $17.99 RRP: AUS $23.99

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