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Zen of Home Water

And Other Flyfishing Tales from the Outdoors


A Collection of Fishing Stories from Across the Globe, by a Master Storyteller.

Fishing is many things to many people. To some, dangling a worm for a sunfish in a farm pond is not only exciting, but relaxing and reflective. To others, it’s all about the adventure of traveling to exotic locales and fishing for ten-pound rainbow trout in Alaska or 100-pound tarpon in Florida or Central America. To others, it’s an integral part of life, not just a pastime but something to live for. To author Jerry Hamza, it's about all of these things. In this highly entertaining and imminently readable collection of fishing tales, you'll tag along with Jerry as he takes you fishing across the globe. In the entertainment business, Jerry had to opportunity to travel far and wide—and wherever he went, he always took a fishing rod, so he could steal away and fish local waters whenever he had free moments. To Jerry, they are all 'home waters.'

  • Publisher: Skyhorse (October 6, 2020)
  • Length: 240 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781510756250

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