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What's the Matter with California?

Cultural Rumbles from the Golden State and Why the Rest of Us Should Be Shaking


There's an unspoken fault line in California. No, not the San Andreas Fault nor any of the geologic ones we all know about. This fault line is cultural -- formed by the waves of ethnic and social groups that have rammed willy-nilly into California and now refuse to get along. Californians today worry about "The Big One," but it's a cultural cataclysm they -- and the rest of us -- should fear.

When writer and columnist Jack Cashill was skewered along with Kansas (despite the fact that he lives in Missouri) in Thomas Frank's New York Times bestseller What's the Matter with Kansas?, he decided to fight back with a riposte from the heart -- an honest, biting, and wickedly funny look at what's wrong with the purplest of blue states: almighty California itself.

The media moguls, multiculturalists, union bosses, and eco-warriors who run California have abandoned liberalism for total insanity. They have transformed the Golden State from America's future into America's Rome. Spectacularly sybaritic and self-indulgent, overtaxed and overregulated, California lives on past glories, and even Conan the Republican cannot muster the will to defend its borders. Now, finally, Jack Cashill is here to rally the right-thinking citizens of the state (and the nation) and rescue this gorgeous chunk of real estate from its increasingly shaky future.

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Jack Cashill is an independent writer and producer and, on a contractual basis, the executive editor of Ingram’s Magazine, the Kansas City regional business magazine.


 In addition to his work with Ingram’s, Jack has written for Fortune, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Weekly Standard, and regularly for the American Thinker and WorldNetDaily.


Within the last decade Jack has written six other books of non-fiction—First Strike, Ron’s Brown’s Body, Hoodwinked, Sucker Punch, What’s the Matter with California, and Popes and Bankers. Jack has also produced nearly a score of documentaries for regional PBS and national cable channels.

Jack has a Ph.D. from Purdue University in American studies, has taught at Purdue and at Kansas City area universities, and has served as a Fulbright professor in France.

"Wonderful, a thorough, thoughtful, impressive effort.... [Cashill] exposes our blindness, and offers a diagnosis so dead-on, so compelling, that it ought to leave 36 million bewildered Californians scratching their heads, wondering, 'Why didn't I think of that?'"

-- Chris Weinkopf, Los Angeles Daily News

"Far from being a simplistic 'right vs. left' take on California and why the rest of the country should learn from its example, Cashill's book provides a rich tapestry of time and place.... What's the Matter with California? demonstrates what exactly ails the Golden State."

-- Cinnamon Stillwell, online columnist, (San Francisco Chronicle)

"Thoroughly brave, unsparingly clear-eyed, and absolutely entertaining. Like California, it's an exploration of the sublime and the ridiculous, a juxtaposition of the awful, the titillating, and the hopeful.... Cashill does America a true service by exposing the decay of the country's most dysfunctional state -- and providing real solutions."

-- Ben Shapiro, author of Porn Generation

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