Adam Boulton uses the events of Blair's last hundred days to identify key moments in his premiership and follows him intimately through his final days in office. The veteran political journalist witnesses the so-called 'Blairwell Tour' as the caravan travels from Westminster to Washington, Iraq, South Africa, the EU, the G8, Northern Ireland, the Sedgefield constituency, Chequers and beyond. Boulton traces these celebrations back to the key incidents, achievements and mistakes of the Prime Minister's ten years in power and measures him against his immediate predecessors and the rival who succeeded him, Gordon Brown. He provides fascinating insights into the Blair-Brown conflict, the decision making that led to the Iraq war, the pressures on the Blair family and the fraught and febrile relationship between Number 10 and the media.

Adam Boulton is the pre-eminent broadcast journalist of his generation and the author of Tony's Ten Years, a critically acclaimed account of the Blair premiership. Joey Jones was nominated for the Royal Television Society Specialist Journalist of the Year in 2010. He was Sky News' lead correspondent covering the Conservative campaign.

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