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A full-color guide to the tree horoscope calendar--where 22 archetypal trees are associated with different dates throughout the year 

• Explains how to determine your personal tree of life depending on your date of birth and how this tree reveals your gifts, talents, and life path

• Features full-color photos that capture the true spirit of the trees

• Details each tree’s spiritual meaning, element family, essential qualities, healing effects, gifts and talents, and symbolism

Drawing on her intimate knowledge of trees and connections to Celtic traditions, Daniela Christine Huber shares a new interpretation of the tree horoscope calendar--where 22 archetypal trees are associated with different dates throughout the year and just like birth stones or astrological signs can reveal your innate talents and unique life path.

Featuring full-color photos that capture the true spirit of the trees as well as in-depth descriptions of the characteristic qualities of the tree personality types, Huber’s guide explains how to determine your personal tree of life depending on your date of birth and reveals how this tree stands by your side with its gifts and talents as a faithful friend and companion for a lifetime. The 22 trees of the calendar are Oak, Hazelnut, Rowan, Maple, Walnut, Yew, Chestnut, Ash, Hornbeam, Fig, Birch, Apple, Fir, Elm, Olive, Cypress, Poplar, Cedar, Pine, Willow, Linden, and Beech. Each tree species occurs twice in the annual cycle, except for Oak, Birch, Olive, and Beech, which are specially assigned to the equinoxes and solstices. Each tree description explores the tree’s spiritual meaning, element family, essential qualities, healing effects, gifts and talents, and symbolism. The author also includes an everlasting birthday calendar to record the birthdates of your family and friends, and she looks at the birth trees of several famous people.

Showing how each of the 22 trees of the tree horoscope holds great power, Huber explains how your birth tree is the guardian of your individual potential and reveals the abilities and talents available to you in your life. Recognizing and developing the gifts that your birth tree reveals can help you dissolve entrenched habits and patterns, regain inner balance, and activate the full potential of your tree horoscope destiny.

1-10 April and 4-13 October

Element family: Fire

Gifts and talents

Helpful, enthusiastic, visionary, bursting with joie de vivre, generous, wise, eye for beauty, open to new things, sociable, sense of justice, seeker of inner balance, good listener and organizer.

Carpe arborem

Exploring myself and finding within me the things that bring me joy creates balance, gives me strength, and awakens my love for myself.


Thanks to its red berries, the Rowan, sometimes known as the Mountain Ash, is a popular source of food for many animals, especially birds. It is also considered a wise herald of emerging change. Through its humility and wonderful adaptability to its environment, it is a symbol for pure joy in life.

Your path through life

Rowan-born people belong to the Fire elements family, which is the source of their spirited nature and constant focus on the essentials. They radiate grace, beauty, and inner serenity, and this is one reason why many people feel safe and accepted around them. These enthusiastic travelers always find new things and places to experience and explore, and their great thirst for adventure draws them out into the world. With this often comes the restlessness of youth that grants little peace.

Rowan personalities are sympathetic listeners and mediators between opposites. Their intuitive wisdom allows them to help their fellow humans find inner equilibrium, thereby restoring harmony to potentially unbalanced relationships. They similarly feel a deep yearning for agreement and harmony themselves.

However, what they find easy to deal with around others is one of their own greatest challenges in life; if the demands and expectations others have of them are not in tune with their own personal needs, Rowan personalities all too readily place their own needs at the back of the queue. This selfless character trait might seem agreeable to others at first sight, but it does not help either party when viewed over the longer term.

This pattern of behavior can result in those with Rowan as their birth tree becoming unbalanced and emotionally distanced from others. A further consequence is the manifestation of longstanding pent-up anger, which then hinders communication of feelings and naturally makes finding a solution all the more difficult and protracted. It is hugely important for them to listen to and follow their inner voice in order to find within themselves the stability they seek in the outside world. Mastering life for them lies in first giving to themselves what they so keenly seek in others: support, a sense of security, and love. This will deliver the courage to follow their dreams.

Rowan-born people also yearn to express their sense of harmony in their professional lives. Combined with an appreciation of beauty and creativity, this makes them suitable in particular for professions with lots of social involvement and for roles as designers, interior decorators, and stylists. A desire for authority means that their professional path often leads to self-employment or working with an equal business partner.

In a nutshell

It is important for their self-worth to prevent the expectations and wishes of others from overpowering them. They should first be clear about their own needs in order to be able to stand up for these both openly and honestly. This clarity, combined with communication of their needs to others, will bring them the level of stability, trust, and inner equilibrium they need to advance along their life path step by step.

The lesson they need to learn is to open their heart to every experience, whether joyful or painful, instead of hiding behind supposedly protective walls. Those with Rowan as their birth tree should learn to stop making decisions with their precocious intellects and instead go within themselves and leave the choice to their hearts.

Healing powers

Rowan berries can be eaten in small quantities, whether raw, cooked, or dried. They contain large amounts of vitamin C, boost the immune system, and cleanse the blood. They also stimulate kidney function.

Birth tree power

The balancing power of self-love.

Inspiration from a Rowan personality

“I saw that you must often begin with a deception in order to reach the truth; light must necessarily be preceded by darkness.”

--Casanova, Italian adventurer and author

Daniela Christine Huber grew up on a remote farm in Austria, where her love for nature and especially for trees developed very early. She holds a degree in biochemistry and genetic engineering but now works as an art teacher and artist. She gives seminars and individual consultations as a mediator between the wisdom of the trees and people. She lives in a small town in the heart of Austria between Vienna and Graz.

  • Publisher: Earthdancer Books (November 4, 2021)
  • Length: 144 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781644113226