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The Ravens of Ravenwood

Illustrated by Lauren Skender
Published by Brolga Publishing
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

Welcome to Ravenwood, a mysterious old mining town that no longer exists, except in an ancient story book that only has blank pages!

This is a story about time travel, greed, humans trapped in non-human forms, gypsy magic, evil curses, thousands of blood-thirsty ravens ready to peck out your eyes at any moment … and a Christmas wish for a miracle.

Will Jack, Poppy, Miss Julie and old Grumpy Grumpit ever get out of this alive? Turn the pages to find out.

Gerry Lane, a retired sales manager, wrote his first book Why Don’t Guinea Pigs Have Tails? for his granddaughters. His second book, alongside illustrator Jenny Riddle, Teddy and the Blue Butterfly was dedicated to the young Liam Dynes, whose last wish was to give sight to others. Both books are published by Brolga Publishing.