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The Power of Vastu Living

Welcoming Your Soul into Your Home and Workplace


The Power of Vastu Living introduces a wonderfully accessible, room-by-room approach for organizing and decorating homes, apartments, and work spaces according to the timeless healing principles of vastu -- the sister science of yoga and ayurveda. Kathleen Cox's breakthrough system, Vastu Living, delivers all the practical tools you need to incorporate the organic, soothing properties of ancient vastu design into an increasingly overcrowded, hyper-stressed, and e-saturated world. Now you can
create a home for your soul...
restore well-being to your work space...
celebrate your identity...
design your vastu blueprints... every conceivable environment, from the kitchen, living room, home office, and bedroom to the company office, reception area -- and even the dreaded cubicle.
Elevate modern life through the 5,000-year-old healing properties of vastu. Enhance your inner peace, rediscover your sense of mind-and-body harmony, and always, always make room for the soul.

Photo Credit: Linda L. Gerlach

Kathleen Cox is the founder of Vastu Living and author of VASTU LIVING: CREATING A HOME FOR YOUR SOUL, the first book on vastu geared for the contemporary Western lifestyle. A Vastu Living consultant, Cox conducts workshops and lectures at major holistic centres throughout the US.