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Just like death and taxes, hangovers are simply one of life’s certainties. There exists infinite hangover ‘cures’, including raw egg, sports drinks and even rubbing lemon in your armpits. Some heretics suggest simply avoiding alcohol altogether. There is only one known relief from a chronic hangover: food.
This ridiculous cookbook showcases the very guiltiest of pleasures. A dank mac and cheese might not make your headache disappear, but it will certainly aide a tender state of mind and empower you to face the outside world. But who even needs the outside world when you can just make your own bacon hash? Or post-lit schnit(zel)? Or a french fry curry??
What sets The I’m So Hungover Cookbook apart from the glut of ‘dude food’ guides is it’s structure. Each of its four chapters correspond to the exact severity of one’s hangover – from ‘Chapter 1: Shaky, But Standing’ to ‘Chapter 4: Beyond Salvation’. Plus, because each of these 40 recipes are administered for medicinal purposes, the calories really don’t matter. Right?

  • Publisher: Smith Street Books (March 1, 2019)
  • Length: 128 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781925418996