The Australian Ageing Generation Handbook


About The Book

"I want this book to give hope and guidance, and offer some light in the midst of the madness.”

The Australian Ageing Generation Handbook is the only of its kind in Australia and just in time. Recent studies show that Dementia will become Australia’s greatest killer in the coming years.

With great improvements in the world of modern medicine, senior Australian’s are enjoying their quality of life for a much longer time. However this means the ageing population of Australia is also increasing and many children are struggling to cope with the responsibility of care for an older parent as well as their own children while maintaining a healthy work life balance.

Josie lives this life right now, and has been caring for her mother who suffers from Dementia for several years. As Josie experienced, in the beginning, many children caring for older parents have no idea what to do, where to go for help, how to navigate not only the services on offer, but also the flood of emotions and challenges that face them.

The Sandwich Generation as Josie calls it is the key market – the generation in between looking after elderly parents, and kids, and perhaps even grandkids. However, younger generations looking after elderly parents, or even grandparents, will benefit from this book also.

Collaborating with aged care services and communities around Australia, Josie has fast become the go to guide for ageing care. A member of Alzheimer’s Australia, Josie has written The Australian Ageing Generation Handbook to provide Australians with a resourceful list of services for the family members caring for their elderly parents.

About The Author

Josie Gagliano is the author and researcher behind The Australian Ageing Generation Handbook, the only book of its kind in Australia. Josie has been caring for her mother, who is diagnosed with dementia, for several years. Collaborating with aged care services and communities around Australia, Josie has fast become the go-to person for young carers on how to navigate aged care. Sydney born Josie Gagliano is the youngest of three children, with two older brothers. Josie is a mother of twins, one of whom has been diagnosed with ASD. Josie writes several blogs about, parenting and aged care – please click the links below to read some of her work.




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Product Details

  • Publisher: Ventura Press (April 1, 2014)
  • Length: 240 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781925183054

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