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Sacred Sea Oracle

Dive into the depth of your cosmic soul

Published by Rockpool Publishing
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

The Sacred Sea Oracle was inspired by the lost land of Lemuria and by extraordinary visions and channellings seen in meditative journeys. In this oracle you will find images of the most revered and powerful energies deep within the sacred sea painted by intuitive visionary artist Justine Serebrin. As you dive in and begin working with this deck you will meet the keepers of the sacred sea codes and discover new sacred sites and secret gateways. You will form friendships with sea animal spirits while working closely along side sea priestesses and seamothers, goddesses and queens, ancient master beings who are surfacing to assist in the creation of a reborn earth.Tune into the frequencies of each sacred seaessence and help create a new civilisation and economic and planetary systems of sustainability for the human race to revel in.

About The Author

Justine Serebrin is an intuitive visionary artist, tattooist, entrepreneur and creator of the Earth Altar Studio, an upscale, down-to-earth tattoo studio in Los Angeles, California. She specialises in painting large-scale abstract, visionary dreamscapes reminiscent of magical lands such as Lemuria, as well as her intuitive ritual tattoo experiences. She runs the Intuitive Artist Mastery Code, an intensive course that works closely with others to activate their intuitive and creative abilities so they can abundantly thrive. Through the creation of multidimensional paintings and intuitive tattoos, Justine infuses high-vibrational energies from the ethereal realms into physical existence. Her art transforms the energy of spaces and bodies into a more harmonious and balanced state and acts as imaginary teleportation tunnels for deep contemplation and meditation, helping to amplify more of what we want to experience in our lives. She is passionate about helping emerging artists access their authentic voices through the fusion of visual art and intuitive practices. Her mission is to activate over one million intuitive artists to stand powerfully in their artistic professionalism.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Rockpool Publishing (November 4, 2021)
  • Length: 96 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781925946390

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