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Start your personal museum at home with Relics: A Bizarre History of the World Told in 201 Rare Fragments — from Ancient Rome to Dracula’s Home. 

Starting with a fragment of an asteroid that’s literally older than our earth itself, and ending with the latest technology, this is a history of the world as you’ve never seen it before. The Mini Museum project searches out strange and wonderful pieces of history and presents them in tiny little museums that you can own in your own home. In this book, they tell the tales of how they came upon, say, a truckload of triceratops skulls, a chunk of the Berlin Wall, one of Steve Jobs’s trademark turtlenecks, or a tile from the Space Shuttle. More than that, it shows how these artifacts have shaped our world, and how billions of years of history can be found in around us. Every item is photographed and presented in detail, with historical data, unexpected facts, and sometimes wild tales of adventure.

Jamie Grove is a recovering marketing executive who hopes that one day he can just write long-winded books and take pictures of beautiful people, amazing creatures, and fascinating places. Until that magical day comes, Jamie is very happy to be the Co-Founder at Mini Museum. When he’s not preparing dinosaur skin  
or Martian lava, Jamie handles most aspects of the day to-day business.  He makes his home in the Washington DC area. 

Jamie’s eclectic background includes stints in the fields of programming, marketing, executive management, creative development, writing, children’s publishing, Internet development, the energy sector, scientific manufacturing, photography, character licensing, direct mail, consumer goods, crowdfunding, startups, unicorn meat, and dinosaur bones. 

Over the last few years, he has dedicated himself to the Mini Museum, where he handles most of the business side including marketing and operations. He is also the principal photographer and behind-the-scenes writer, having to date written five books and numerous articles related to the Mini Museum. He is currently writing the Museum’s first trade book, Relics, coming in 2021 from Weldon Owen. Of his current work he says, “Considering the books and the fantastic specimens in our collection, I guess in many ways I am living my dream of creating beautiful stories about the universe around us.” 

The first Mini Museum collection launched in 2014 with a simple dream: to share a love of science and history, and enable regular people to own tiny, yet magical, pieces of amazing objects, all ethically sourced from sites around the globe. Since then, the Museum’s offerings have grown to encompass more than 150 different topics across billions of years of history. The Museum has reached more than 40,000 customers in 120 different countries, and has sent nearly 1,000,000 objects to homes, schools, and museums around the world. The Museum’s core product is a slab of Lucite smaller than the average tablet, with 30 or so fragments embedded in it—encompassing literally billions of years of history, from amino acids that predate our solar system to dinosaur bones, medieval chain mail, rock and roll ephemera, and modern spacecraft. Some of these items are also available as individual displays, charm bracelets, and more, each with detailed sourcing and certificates of authenticity.

  • Publisher: Weldon Owen (September 29, 2021)
  • Length: 304 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781681885858