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Pet Whisperer

My Life as an Animal Healer


Sarah-Jane Le Blanc grew up with no particular interest in animals. A down-to-earth mother of two with a job working with disadvantaged children, other people's pets didn't feature very highly in her thoughts - until an event in 2005 which changed the direction of her life. Over the course of several evenings, just before going to sleep, Sarah Jane kept getting a clear image in her mind of a dog called Dan, who had a sad story and was trying to contact someone. This experience led her to investigate animal/human communication. From taking on her first 'client' - a claustrophobic horse - Sarah-Jane's skills went from strength to strength. She soon realised she had a rare gift for animal 'clairsentience', being able to detect the emotions and past traumas of those who cannot speak, and to heal them with her thoughts.

Sarah-Jane tells her amazing story of how she became a real-life Doctor Dolittle. She uses what she calls 'soul-to-soul' therapy, which has helped countless pets and their owners resolve problems. Sarah-Jane's message is that animals suffer emotional pain and anxiety, just like we do. Her work proves that we can reach out across the species to communicate with the creatures that share our lives, as they too, can help us to heal ourselves.

Sarah-Jane Le Blanc was born in London in 1971. Up until recently she worked in Community Education. While working on projects with disadvantaged children, she saw the positive results of complementary therapies, went on to train as a therapist and combined her love of psychology and helping people with new-age practices. She is recognised by Amelia Kinkade (one of the world's most successful animal psychics) as 'an extraordinarily gifted animal communicator.' She now lives in Scotland.