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Do you know Pecorino Sasquatch? The boy who got stuck inside a tuba at his first concert? Well, he's about to play in his first game of baseball. You see, his mother just signed him up for Little League, and Pecorino can't wait to play, even though he doesn't really know what baseball is. But by the end of this spring day, Pecorino will have learned all there is to know about bowling pin-shaped coaches, burbling bubble gum, yodeling umpires, oxen for sale -- everything that makes America's pastime great. He might even maage to catch a baseball too.

Pecorino, the silliest kid in the world, is in for nine innings' worth of madcap misadventure, featuring words from Alan Madison and art from AnnaLaura Cantone (the second- and third-silliest kids in the world).

Alan Madison was once voted the single silliest Little League player in the state of New Jersey. Now he is extremely happy to sit in the park and watch his son play. He and his family attend minor- and major-league games wherever they travel, except in Italy. They live in New York and have a special place in their hearts for the Yankees. The Pecorino books are Alan's first for children. Visit him on the Web at

AnnaLaura Cantone is the illustrator of many silly children's books, including My Favorite Thing (According to Alberta) by Emily Jenkins, as well as the two Pecorino books. She lives her husband in Milan, Italy.