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 In a modern revival of a great American tradition, sliders, pickers, strummers and makers are coming together in what they call the Cigar Box Guitar Revolution. Musicians and hobbyists are finding new creative freedom by making their own musical instruments out of unconventional materials. Their ingenious creations range from simple cardboard diddley bows to wooden box electric six-string guitars that are more impressive than anything you can buy in a store. Obsessed with Cigar Box Guitars, 2nd Edition celebrates the modern craft of these irresistibly alluring instruments. In this new edition, professional photographer and woodworking enthusiast David Sutton shares his obsession with the genre in an expanded photo gallery that profiles inspiring examples of handmade musical greatness. Sutton details multiple techniques for playing the fretted, three-string cigar box guitar, with easy-to-follow chord diagrams and instructions for a selection of classic tunes. He also provides a new step-by-step project for building your own tenor ukulele, using modified plans from a 1917 edition of Popular Mechanics. Inside Obsessed with Cigar Box Guitars, 2nd Edition An unforgettable look inside the Cigar Box Guitar Revolution. Expanded photo gallery of more than 120 amazing homemade musical instruments. Stunning profiles of DIY musical greatness, from two-string guitars and diddley bows to an electrified washtub bass. Authentic stories of legendary American roots music personalities. A new section on learning to play the cigar box guitar using both innovative and traditional techniques. Step-by-step project for building your own tenor ukulele. 

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