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The Lore Of Whisky pays homage to the mysterious world of whisky. The journey begins with the history and origins of whisky originating in Scotland, through to the story of the five successful distilleries in Tasmania, and dropping in on many other wonderful whisky destinations in between.

With detailed information about the different types of whiskies, magical descriptions of their physical appearance and with tasting notes from Alice Parsons, The Lore Of Whisky takes us on a sensory journey through the often mysterious world of whisky.

Also included are fascinating tips and tricks for things to do with whisky, including making whisky ice balls and whisky wonders.

This is truly a book that all whisky lovers will enjoy.

Quote from Bill Lark, owner of Tasmania’s leading distillery in Tasmania

“This is the book that needs to be written”

New York born Alice Parsons, spent the first twenty years of her life in the northern hemisphere, the last thirty in the southern. A mother of four children, Alice developed an appetite for travel adventure and language (Alice speaks French, Italian, and Spanish) and has gained a wealth of experience working in publishing and marketing, media and communications, advertising, wholesale and retail, event management, editing, and writing. Now a permanent resident of Australia’s Hunter Valley, Alice and her husband Anthony, their two dogs, six chickens, two geldings, and two brumby ponies enjoy a life of tea and whisky appreciation. Alice has written The Magic of Tea and The Lore of Whisky.

  • Publisher: Ventura Press (August 1, 2013)
  • Length: 120 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781922190727