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The Untangled Truth About Loving Your Natural Hair and Beauty


Words have power, and those that Black women often use to describe their hair are derogatory: nappy, steel wool, out of control. They often personally inherit these terms and pass them along without even realizing the crushing effects these words have on their feelings about the person they see in the mirror. While many books on the market address the practical ways of styling Afro-textured hair naturally, Hairlooms asks: Why is it so difficult for Black women to embrace their hair? and How can Black women overcome the multi-layered challenge of embracing their natural hair and beauty? Author Michele Tapp Roseman helps readers answer these questions for themselves, to write a new story that they can pass along.

A recent Huffington Post article "Natural Hair Becoming Even More Popular Among Black Women" revealed a marked increase in the number of Black women who do not chemically treat their hair, yet also struggle to accept their natural hair and beauty. Through personal, revealing stories Hairlooms examines the issues behind these struggles. Guided exercises throughout help readers "comb through" their self-perceptions and form a plan for self-acceptance and personal empowerment.

Hairlooms includes 32 compelling personal stories about those who have embraced their God-given hair and beauty, including:

  • Major General Marcia Anderson—Senior advisor to the Chief on policies and programs for the U.S. Army Reserve, and the first woman to earn the distinction of a two-star general in the U.S. Army Reserve.
  • The late Dr. Maya Angelou—World-renowned poet and author. The recipient of 30 honorary degrees and former Reynolds Professor of American Studies at Wake Forest University.
  • Lisa Price—Founder of Carol's Daughter hair and beauty brand, a favorite of celebrities, and now sold in stores from coast-to-coast. Now owned by L'Oréal, Price is still at the helm of this growing business.
  • Jane Carter—A professional hair stylist/colorist and salon owner, she founded the Jane Carter Solution after an allergic reaction caused by prolonged exposure to chemicals in traditional hair care products. Today, Jane Carter Solution sells millions of dollars' worth of products in Whole Foods Market, Sally Beauty Supply, Walmart, Target, CVS, and Walgreens stores.
  • A'Lelia Bundles—Great-great granddaughter of the first Black female millionaire and hair-care creator, Madam C. J. Walker. She has teamed with Sephora and Sundial Brands to launch the Madam C.J. Walker Beauty Culture product line. A'Lelia is also a seasoned journalist, public speaker, and author of the New York Times bestseller, On Her Own Ground: The Life and Times of Madam C. J. Walker.
    • Kim Coles—Hollywood actress, comedian, and featured guest on Dr. Drew's Lifechangers "Good Hair Debate" episode.
    • Tomiko Fraser—The first African-American woman signed exclusively to Maybelline, and the longest-serving spokesperson for any cosmetics company.

    • Publisher: Health Communications Inc EB (February 7, 2017)
    • Length: 256 pages
    • ISBN13: 9780757319686

    "As a new father, Hairlooms is so necessary. We want our little girl to love and enjoy her hair in all of its natural beauty. It's one thing to want to try different styles; it's another thing to hate the natural hair you were born with! Hairlooms is an awesome tool to plant self-love in a little girl's heart during the earliest phases of her life." —La Guardia Cross, "New Father Chronicles" YouTube sensation

    "As someone who has worked to empower and educate people to accept their natural hair for the past 18 years, I loved Hairlooms. It was an inspiring reminder of the power that each of us has within us to embrace our natural beauty. Through her own story, as well as the stories of some of the top influencers in the natural hair world, she provides a powerful read that helps readers navigate the process of loving their hair and beauty." —Michelle Breyer, co-founder and head of business development, TextureMedia LLC, which includes NaturallyCurly, CurlyNikki and CurlMart

    "Entertaining and educational, Hairlooms is a wonderful tool for self-correction and self-discovery. The candid hair stories and down-to-earth writing style remind readers that they're not travelling the road of acceptance alone." —Felicia Leatherwood, celebrity natural hair educator and expert, voted curlBOX's 2015 Favorite Hair Stylist!

    "Wow! Reading Hairlooms was soothing and familiar, like the best scalp massage you've ever had … the one where the shampoo girl really gets in there and scrubs away a week of worries. Michele's story is one of vulnerability, discovery, and self-acceptance detangled with words before our eyes. It's interwoven with stories of other Black women sharing their own hair journey, pains, revelations, and redemptions. I found myself pulled in by her writing and sliding effortlessly through each chapter like a wide-toothed comb through conditioner-covered tresses. Hairlooms is a brave and beautiful gift to readers who are ready to affirm their own beauty, inside and out." —Roshini Cope, Galamazini beauty, health, and wellness blog/vlog

    "You will not leave this book without dancing! Hairlooms is a healing party for detangling our innermost issues as it relates to our hair and beauty. It is a perfect practicum for the Black woman's journey toward self-love. The beauty of this book is its ability to help you learn about yourself . . . but not by yourself. The personal accounts and hair stories told by Black women in Hairlooms will have you adjusting your crown and redefining your idea of beauty." —Joiya Cloud, founder of Fros & Beaus social media/Instagram-based platform

    "Hairlooms provides a beautiful reflection of how the natural hair journey evolves into inner transformation. Michele gives you the tools for your own self-reflection and empowers you to tell your own story!" —Mae aka Natural Chica, natural hair and lifestyle blog

    "Hairlooms carefully combs through every emotion that African American women feel when it comes to feelings about hair and beauty. This book is truly an inspiration no matter where you are in your hair journey. Thank you, Michele, for giving voice to issues that African-American women are facing." —Christina Miracle Bailey, District of Columbia Library Association past president

    "Hairlooms is a very inspiring and fascinating book. I reside in Nigeria, and the natural hair community is growing steadily, but there is still more work to be done, unfortunately, because so many Nigerian women believe that people who wear their hair natural are too poor to get relaxers. Hairlooms is a book African-American mothers, fathers, and even youth must read. Some of these hair stories should even be read to their little girls; each one will help them accept their unique physical qualities and get inspired!" —The Curly Belle, natural hair blog